Practising my acrylic and timings


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Sep 19, 2011
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Hi i no there are hundreds of threads on acrylic timing especially when practising and newly trained. Ive just done my first day with fusion l & p last week and have 2 weeks til my second day. Our coursework is to do 6 sets of nails with acrylic, 2 being with tips and clear/pink, 2 with french and 2 sculpted with clear or pink. My trainer also recommended if we have any clients that are already a good candidate for acrylic to offer them this service so we can practice.

Tonight a client of mine, ive been doing Gelish on her since last year and she wasnt finding it strong enough for her as shes previously had acrylic before. I told her in advance about my training and she was more than happy to my model. I only did NNO on her with clear but i was chuffed to bits with them and so was she!

So I removed her Gelish, then applied overlay and then applied gelish over the top of her overlay. This took me 2 hrs, im mobile as well so set up and i'd already previously used structure gel on her which took longer to soak off. My question is how do u think i done timing wise and anything i could improve on? She commented on how good they felt compared to NSS l & p! :biggrin:

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