Pravana ruined my hair, please help me!


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Feb 19, 2016
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Hello guys,

I'm not yet a licensed cosmetologist (still in school!) and i'm having a real hard time finding a solution to my problem. I recently got my hair done and it turned out to be a real disaster. One of my good friend used to do my blonde highlights and I was always happy with the result. All I know is that she used Majirel. I never got the chance to ask her what was her formula... She sadly passed away few months ago ...

That new colourist I went to swears by Pravana and he just loves pastel colors and beige/ashy/purple base tones. I know it's very IN right now but I just hate that trend, I think it looks unnatural. I asked him to give me a natural, sunkissed look with natural/subtle golden tones and he literally refused and said it would end up brassy in a week. I trusted him and now my colour looks cheap, dull and I absolutely hate it. It's not even blonde anymore. Funny thing is that IT DOES look kinda brassy which is really weird cause he toned the hell out of it.

I actually went back and told him I didn't like the colour. He tried to fix it (with another toner) but honestly not much has changed. Now, I wanna fix it myself and I would really appreciate if some of you could give me an advice or two.

Here some pictures of my hair before.

And after the mess:

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Feb 18, 2006
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Unfortunately if your not yet qualified you won't get any help on here to rectify it yourself as you could cause further damage! If it's any consolation I think the colour looks nice! (But I'm no expert!) x

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Sep 23, 2015
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Your best advice would be to see a different colorist if you don't want to return to person to have them fix whatever you feel like needs to be. It would not be in your best interest or anyone here to give advice on fixing it yourself. And for the record, your color mishap is not due to the brand of color that you used. Pravana is quite a reputable company (here in the States at least, that I'm aware of). Color mishaps are due entirely to a possible lack of experience, or over-promise, or rush from the stylist, or lack of education within that particular brand. Fortunately for the stylist, you generally learn the most and the quickest from mistakes made. And it was great of you to at least acknowledge with the stylist that you were unhappy and allowed him/her to try and address it within their comfort zone. Get a second opinion from a different colorist in person. Promise.

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