Pre bond removal-acetone?


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Aug 31, 2013
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Hi guys,

I did my first removal last time of pre bonds and it took absolutely forever with a bond remover and pliers they just did not budge!!! I have heard alot of people say they use acetone to help remove the bonds but I was told during my training not to use this as it drys out the hair?

Can anyone clarify on this?
I think it all depends on who you trained with. In my training I was told to use Acetone and its what we used to practise with!
It really depends on what the tip is made from. Italian keratin needs alcohol remover, you just show it the bottle & pliers and it crumbles, its amazing stuff on italian keratin.

Regular chinese keratin (& I think german keratin, thats additional lengths isnt it?) Need acetone remover, again it just crumbles out.

The best thing is to use the remover thats sold by your hair company as that'l be the one that works with their hair. You only need a tiny amount on the bonds so its not like your drenching the hair, if your worried give them a mini conditioning treatment for after. Just think the hairs been glued/straightened/backcombed/hairsprayed for months, it'll cope with a spray of remover.

I also have salon pro lotion for dodgy glue gun removals (its rife round here), jees thoses bonds do not break down but the lotion gets in the middle, lots of crunching they eventually slide out :/

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Thanks so much guys that has helped alot x
Acetone causes hair to break - why would anybody use acetone on hair/bonds. Really training companies are advising this??. ..all the reputable companies that offer training have their own bond remover and its usually formed of a keratin/alcohol mix not acetone. I wouldn't recommend acetone on hair as it won't snap there and then it will snap after you've removed damaging the clients hair. I use Balmain remover and it works on most bonds, its a gel type bond remover. GL have their own remover, Racoon do too, Cinderella too, as do extenion excuses to use acetone In my opinion

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