Pre pig Goldwell help

Hi all
I have a client who has been having bleach cap hi lights, her hair is now too blonde so wants some brown low lights put through.
Can I pre pig - I was going to use affinage quick pig orange - then apply 6n@gb?
Her hair is 9 and 10 in some places so i will try to even it up. Is it recommended that I tone it after?
Would a goldwell express toning 9 Creme be ok?

Her usual hairdresser doesn't foil that's why I have the job but I know it will be a complete waste of time correcting her uneven hair then in 3 months time she'll be back to have her bleach cap hi lights

Really hoping someone can help me out here!


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Why don't you use the goldwell lolites? They are in colorance and available in base 6,7,8 and no need to pre pig. Perfect for breaking up blonde h/l to add dimension.


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The eluminated cover plus range will cover Hun! Including the cover plus low lights like daydreams says too! The elumentated shades such as 6n@gb has exceptional coverage over grey and blondes!! covers amazing and adds incredible shine!! No need to pre pig with these shades! Xx


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ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1495122899.904201.jpg this is 5N@BP applied on over a blonde of a base 9-10


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If she's a generally a fussy client, I'd caution against going lower than a 7 if you only want to break up the blonde and give it a bit of depth.

Some clients get so used to being very light blonde and when they see a darker blonde/light brown tone such as a 6, they sometimes panic and want it re-lightening straight away. :rolleyes::mad:

Thanks all

She's had a 6 before to break it up and she liked it so I shouldn't have a problem with the depth of colour, I just won't do too many.
Ive never used goldwell lolites, but I'll take a look for the future, thanks :)
I chose 6n@gb because it's something I already have so saves me buying more.
And now I know I don't need to pre pig with this shade, thanks again :)

How about the 9 Creme for toning? Again it's something I have already so handy if that does the job


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9 creme or champagne are both lovely and will give your h/l that nice 'expensive' finish!