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Oct 28, 2015
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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice or even share their thoughts on this.
One of my regular clients asked me for some hair removal advice for her daughter. The daughter is only ten but has started her periods and has dark hair growing under her under arms. She goes to ballet class and takes part in gym in school and is embarrassed about the hair. She wanted to know what I would advise on the best hair removal method for the underarms .
She wondered about going down the shaving or hair removal cream route, or even waxing.
I advised that I would take some advice from my insurance company and also ask my fellow professionals for their thoughts. It seems very young to start but I appreciate the little girl is self conscious about hair..

Any thoughts? xx
Oh bless her! Lots of little girls have been in the same place as her! I'd definitely not wax as it can be quite painful, and she's not mature enough to make that decision herself.
I'd say shaving as it gets rid of all the hair, as hair removal creams I find don't give the all over hair removal that I wanted, I started shaving at 11. I think as long as someone shows her how to use the razor without nicking her skin, and ways to prevent shaving rash.
Sorry for not being that much of a help!
There's been a few preteen waxing situs on here.

I think the unanimous vote bas been an electric shaver/razor.

Very unlikely to nick herself. Not painful etc etc.
There's another thread on here further down the page about waxing a 9 year old. Loads of really good advice :) x
Hi Guys,

Many thanks for your responses and for pointing me towards the other threads.

My gut was to point her towards the electric razor. We don't treat under 16s in our salon anyway and after taking advice from our insurance company I will pass this info on to her.
Thanks again xx
I personally would hit wax. She does ballet, she feels self conscious. I started waxing my cousins legs and u/a at 12
I wouldn't recommend waxing as she won't want to have to grow the hair in for 4wks at a time with dancing, with shaving you can be hair free all the time x

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