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Dec 6, 2007
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Hiya i just wanted to know where i can buy the Precious Quick Slim Body Wrap Products it's a dry body treatment which helps to lose inches and comes with a gel which is to be applied to the body then bandaged up whilst the client lays there for an hour for the treatmenr to be effective.
Someone sell Ellisions sell their products however i canot see it in their catalogue i know various catalogues do different ones but i really wanted the Precious Quick Slim Body wrap as i've worked with it before & know its great, if anyone please knows where i can purchase/order it then i'd really apreciate it thanks x
Hiya, page 106 in ellisons
thankyou so much for that don't know how i missed it out lol :) i love everyone on here their so friendly and helpful to each other who saids this is a bicthy industry lol
aww another thing while we're on the subject lol do you think its ok to use other Bandages rather then ordering them from ellisions? as the bandages or only simply plain ones & as long as they have a velcro fasting & you apply the gel correctly it should still work just as well
do the body wraps really work then ? i always thought it was a bit of a con really , but then i have never tried em , lol , might get some and do one on me , i could do with losing some inches , haha
Lol no their not a con because you take measurements before & after the treatment clients can expect to lose up to 6inches on their 1st treatment however it can vary from person to person,but the great thing about Quick Slim is that its a dry body wrap treatment so clients are kept warm and cosy throughout the treatment and it doesnt rely on perspiration for the treatment to work but a process called osomosis abit of science their lol fluids being transported from celluclar cells of the body which are then eliminated throuhh the bodies own system its not one of those wraps where you cant eat & drink afterwards because thats not realistic the more water you drink the more it helps to flush out the toxins & waste products from the body thus hrlping you to lose inches. Also its important to tell clients that loosing inches doesnt necessary mean imediate weight loss & combining it with a effecrive diet programme will help to achieve longer lasting results.
I have one to do tomorrow actually its just a one off treatment my client wants to help fit into clothes better after christmas lol so shes ready to go out partying for new years lol
ooh my get some then , i aint bothered whether its inches or lbs as long as it comes off :lol::lol:,
thanks for the tip hun x
I'm so glad I came upon this thread. I've been looking to get some sort of slim wrap treatment and usually get stuff from Ellisons, but have totally missed this in the catalogue. I'm going to try it on my mum and friend (willing Guinea pigs). I'll then contact my insurance to make sure I can use it with my Swedish massage qualification.
I use olgio algae body wrap gel and algae exfoliation.

I was also taught to do the slimming wrap but couldn't imagine enjoying doing measurements and wrapping people in cling film, so have not used that protocol.
Hi, one side of the wrap is texturised thus creating a slight thermal effect on the skin.

I had a lady who had the wrap done, went and weighed herself and told me she was lighter. Of course I do not sell this as a weight loss treatment. But its a great incentive.

I had a guy phone me today about precious quick slim body wrap saying that he wants it for his abdomen area as he has weight to lose there, i just wondered whether this treatment is suitable for male clients
not sure id feel comfortable with taking measurements on a male client then bandaging him up and i charge £35 for a single session for full body which isnt approriate for a male client.
yet one of my members of staff wasnt sure so said we do it for male clients how can i get out of this one please help as to suggestions
would you do it?

I dont see that there would by any problems, just ask them to wear swimming trunks. Let us know how it goes.
just a quick note, as far as i am aware half body / specific area treatments arent really very good with the dry gel/bandage systems. I use bellitas which is similar to quick slim. it relys on the pressure from the bandage to push waste to where it should be. so if you only have half the body wrapped up, it will push it to an unwrapped area.

i had a client lose 11 inches on their first wrap the other day!! x

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