Pregnant and training?


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pinkknailss #Princess
May 21, 2011
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South London
Hello ladies

I havent been on here for ages but still wanted some advice! Hope everyone is good!

I am 4 months pregnant and struggling to find work so decided maybe training till im due would be a good idea to keep my occupied.
I am due in feb17(FTM) and was looking at the training room courses in croydon.

I really want to be productive and do the level 2/3 beauty. However Im cautious about having to wake up early on the cold winter days (course starts 24th october so i will be 23/24 weeks by then?)traveling an hour or so heavily pregnant on public transport and I have no idea what thats like. It is only 2 days but I just want to be prepared for all options. I have emailed them and being pregnant isnt a problem just cant do aroma therapy which isnt the end of the world.

Any advice for training while pregnant? Bit nervous

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