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Oct 14, 2013
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Hey :))
I am 34 weeks pregnant and doing a home course in acrylics.
Does anyone know if it is safe to do them during pregnancy? I would like to get on before the baby is born but I'm not sure how safe it is. Thank you :)
I'm told it's absolutely fine. I started an acrylic course with Harmony a couple of years ago, but had to pull out because the smell of the monomer was killing me (not literally haha)! If you can cope with the smell then go for it :)
i too read it was totally fine, in fact my college nail tutor had years of ivf to conceive her son and said we could imagine how anxious she was being a nail tutor. she was advised y specialist doctors that is was perfectly safe. Just keep the room well ventilated.
It is perfectly safe to use nail products if you are using them safely! Follow the manufacturers' guidelines on safe working practices as we should all be doing; this includes good extraction ventilation safe storage and safe waste disposal.

Smells may bother you they may not bother you but the odour is not unsafe any more than the odour of perfume is unsafe. Odour is no indication of safety as long as you regularly have a change of fresh air.

Much more information on the safety of nail products during pregnancy can be found on Doug Schoons website. Schoon
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I took my nail course while I was late in my pregnancy, I just used a face mask :) congrats!!!


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