preventing brush contamination ?


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Apr 16, 2007
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I recently have a new brush that leaves some lovely yellow stains on everything that it touches...i tried everything to get the yellowing out but no luck....

I don,t know why this happened since i am very carefull with my brush since it doesn,t come cheap i think. I don,t use my acrylic brush that much since i do a lot of gelnails lately. Could it be due to the remaining monomer drying in my brush? If so how should i handle the brush since i don,t use it al the time?

I need to buy a new one and want to avoid this anoying contamination incident, so i was wondering if all of you wise nailgeeks could give me every possible prevention from A to Z. I am getting quite paranoid concerning this so i need some guidance :o

I dread doing acrylic nails because of this incident and before i loved it...i want it to be again like the good old days :green:
Thank you very much,

but i still have a question,
Because i don,t use this brush that much i read that it,s because of the brush drying out . So is this going to happen to me all the time then since i do a lot of gel nails? Or can i let weeks go past not touching it and just propper store it and have no problems?

Thx to have taken the time to help me out :hug:
So long as you clean your brush out with fresh monomer and store it away properly, it shouldnt be a problem. I have a couple of other brushes that are fine.
allright then...I have to be more carefull i guess...

Thx for the input :hug:

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