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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi peeps, just wondered what your rough price for a set of L&P nail enhancements are? I am due to attend a Course in June and wondered whether you would price L&P less or more than a set of Gel nail enhancements (not sure if this is making much sense!!!)

Anyway i am intending to work from home and wondered what a reasonable price would be, i know that locally gel nail enhancements are more expensive than L&P and would be grateful for your views?

Thanks x
Hi Kelly,

I charge the same for gel nails as for L&P nails. I think you need to base your price on your locality rather than what the rest of us charge as say London prices vary hugely to Yorkshire prices for example.

When I first started I had an opening offer of £18 until I felt good enough compared to the other salons - I only did a few sets at £18 as my quality was equally as good as the local salons straight away LOL.

Good luck
Hi, Kellyc, i actually phoned around and compared prices between what salons were charging and what other mobile techs were charging. I've gone for something in the middle, as when i asked my mates they said they wouldn't usually go for the cheapest as they might not be any good. The middle price is a safe bet.

I have found that despite being new to this my new clients never have a problem with what i charge,(which is £28 for full set of L&P) and i find that most of the time they give me £30 and tell me to keep the change. ( which pays for the free bottle of cuticle oil i always give them.:biggrin:

Hope this helps.
I hav been a tech for almost 2 years now. All my full sets are £25.00. Forever french rebalance £19.00 and one colour rebalance £14.00.

I think prices should reflect on your location, natural talent, quality of products used and experience.

After summer I hope to put my prices up a little!
Thanks peeps i think i will try and compare locally x
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