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Hi there, I'm sorry bit I need advice PLEASE. My hair is good when I have just wased it but then the day after I look like well lets say not so pretty.
It is shoulder length, dry, frizzy and fine on top.

Any ideas on what style to have?


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what are you doing for styling? curling iron, flat iron, mousse, gels, waxes, pomades..blowdrying, round brush, flat brush, air drying..

What is not so pretty the next day about it?


Hello, I use shampoo for dry hair, sometimes I use Frizz eze and volume cream. I try to dry it sraight myself but need to use ceramic plates. I the morning it is all over the place and dry and frizzy again then need to dampem it. Its just so boring, I am tempted to get it cut off bit as I said it is very fine on top.

becki x

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If you want to pm me i could arrange to meet you and take a look,i am not taking on any hair clients but i willt be able to offer some advise x