Problem with gel nail polish!


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Nov 30, 2013
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Hi, I got gel nail polish applied to my nails a week or so ago and was ok until the thumb started peeling (whole of the bottom had peeled) so I picked it off long story cut short I ended up peeling the rest off. I really didn't want to use acetone to get them off which I knew she would do at the salon although I wanted the nail polish off really. But then I realised what a huge mistake I had made by peeling it off, one my nails had lost about 3 layers! They looked awful so I've got some strengthener nail varnish on at the moment but was wanting advice about getting gel nail polish done again as I really liked it when it was on, do you guys think I could get it done now or wait awhile until they have re strengthened? Sorry for huge paragraph!! Thanks
The damage you have done will have to grow out I'm afraid, but you could have CND Shellac applied as it requires no removal of shine off the nail plate before application. Use the CND salon locator to find a professional who will use the genuine product and apply it and remove it correctly. Salon Finder

In the mean time, purchase some Solar Oil and apply it a few times a day to encourage healthy new nail growth and prepare your nails for the next treatment. I would be wary of using high street strengtheners as it's possible, depending on ingredients that they may make your nails brittle.
Thank you! It's OPI nail envy I have on, I was really annoyed at myself for picking it off! What's the proper way to remove gel polish??
OPI gel polish is a lovely product so I hear and easy to remove. The best way to remove is to return to the professional that applied it! To remove it yourself without the required knowledge will risk further damage.

I retail removal kits for my clients, but I also include information for safe removal and I educate them on why it is important. They also know that I am available for any queries that may arise.

Your nail professional will remove it according to the manufacturers instructions for that brand and it will be a quick and safe method.
Thanks for your help, I've found a salon near me that does the shellac thing you mentioned, might give it a go!
I personally only deal with hard gels but from what I've heard CND Shellac is the way to go with damaged nails. Please, please, please, do not attempt at home removals or unless properly instructed (as Nicole said) by your professional nail technician. So much damage can be done! I've heard fantastic things about Brisa Lite smoothing gel being applied underneath the Shellac to give some help there. As for your current condition of nail, Solar oil should help regenerate the nail. Do not attempt any use of "paint on" nail strengtheners that can be found at department stores. Many of these "polish" strengtheners contain ingredients such as alcohol or formaldehyde which actually dehydrate the nail making it more brittle and susceptible to breaks and cracking. Hopefully the Shellac salon near you can help you further :)


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