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Jul 29, 2003
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brent knoll somerset
Hi has anyone out there had any problem with calgel causing any problems with the natural nail like curling maybe by shinkage :?

Hope you can help
thanks jacqueline
Hi Jacqueline,
I use Calgel but, as I've been a bit cowardly in getting things off the ground, I havent a huge amount of experience :oops: None of my clients have come back with shrinkage and I cant really speak of my own experience as my nails curl anyway - in fact the Calgel seems to 'open them out' if anything but, by about my 3rd fill the curling comes back.
If you're off to Excel you could try asking at the Calbrooke stand or ring them. Also have you tried asking the same question on - there maybe more Calgel users there.
If you get any answers I'd be interested to know then I'll know what to look out for too :)
hi gloria
thanks for your message but i've been using this gel for about 3 years know and problems only just started to happen on the customers that have been having it for about a year and a half, the nails are causing a bit of nail seperation so cannot carry on doing nails, and have to wait for them to recover. if the gel is causing this i'm going to have to change products but i get on really well with this system.
calbrook came back with no answer when i ask a while ago :(

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