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Mar 15, 2004
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Milton Keynes
I have been a mobile nail technician for just over a month and have recently had a couple of people call to cancel their appointments. When I asked if they would like to rebook for another time they said that they would rather not as a local nail salon said my prices were so low that I was obviously untrained and non standard. All my advertising has been done professionally and I state my qualifications (NVQ , diploma from Beauty school) on all paperwork and that MMA free products are used.

I charge £10 for manicure, £14 for pedicure and £30 for a set of enhancements (gel). I keep my prices low because I do this for the love of nails and meeting people, so I don't have to take into account petrol costs etc (I am very lucky!)
I have an urge to stomp into the local salon and have an argument (Despite hating any type of confrontation) (Most local salons are £15 manicure £20 pedicure and £45 extensions)
Should I arrange to talk to the manager, should I ignore the problem? I don't want to loose clients and get an undeserved reputation.

Any advice would be great. Sorry to waffle on but I am really annoyed!
I think you should remain professional and do not lower yourself to their level. I heard a local salon was telling people that I smoke when doing their enhancements LOL - I don't smoke even when not doing enhancements LOL.

One way round this would be to put your prices up - there is a huge difference between what you charge and what they charge - this would make some people suspicious - a salon near me charge £12.50 for enhancements - this to me makes them sound desperate for clients.

If you are keeping your charges low because you are new and love what you are doing then tell the clients this - without being agressive - offer them a free one nail to try - when people call to cancel don't just accept it but try and sound very knowledgeable on the phone.

When people call and all they are interested in is the price - I try to give them much more information than just the price - ask if they have had nails before, what type they were etc. and try and get a rapport with them.

Above all don't enter into a slagging match of them saying stuff about you and then you saying stuff about them etc. - rise above and set your sights on being the best educated and most knowledgeable as well as best tech in your area.

I totally agree with fiona stay proffesional and put those prices up!!
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :|

You could write a polite note to the salon manager about this slander if you are really miffed!
Maybe they have seen your nails and are worried they have good competion but can't compete with your prices...! I think i'd take it as a compliment that someone else is talking about my nails so much...!
Hi ya, i do agree with fiona too but in all due respect why should you have to increase your prices just because of their bitterness??? if your happy with what you charge then i wouldnt suggest increasing your prices as it may also look like you have something to hide or prove which you dont!

Secondly even though it may seem tempting to go charging in like a bull and giving them a piece of your mind they will then be able to use that against you and also tell clients that your a mad woman!, rise above them your obviously much better than them because you dont feel the need to criticise what they do.

If you are really unhappy about what they are saying you could as suggested above write a letter to the manager or seek legal advice it could come under slander etc (sorry i do work full time in a solicitors its beginning to show eek!!)

Anyway thats just my two pennies worth, im sure you will make the right choice x xx
It is strange that salons have said that - do you think they may have been sent to try you out?

I used to go into their salon and have my nails done every three weeks for the last two years. I got friendly with some of the girls and said that I was thinking of doing nails myself and even told them I was going on a course. I haven't been back since then, but they may have recognised my name in my advertising.

If they have been to try me out I don't think that I did anything wrong. I use creative products and am obsessive about hygene (I even wipe my table down infront of the client and spray my utensils before I start, even though they have all been in Cidex already). I am confident that I am not doing anything wrong...although am beginning to get a little paranoid!

I have calmed down a bit since earlier and actually wouldn't dare go into the salon and have a fight!! I would never make any comment on the Salon, positive or negative, as I want to have a professional image.

I guess that I have 26 customers that I have seen once and that have rebooked already so I can't be too bad?!?!:confused:

I don't really want to raise my prices as it cost me a fortune to print all the ads and price lists. I don't need to make buckets of money, so I would rather give good service and keep my prices affordable. Most of my clients have said that they couldn't afford to pay any more than my prices to get their nails etc done.

Thanks for all your comments....I'll keep you posted.
Every time you get a new client ensure they get to see you training certificate and your insurance certificate. That will soon stop the slander, and without you saying anything about this salon your new clients will see for themselves that they are telling pork pies (lies) thus ruining there own reputation. Dont forget clients talk to each other, your good name will soon spread.

End of story..........Uncle H
some people get right up my nose.

why can't people just live and let live, don't get me wrong i'm jealous of loads of people on this site for the fantastic work they create, doesn't mean to say i'm going to slate them. I had a simular experience, a friend of a friend wanted to get into nails, so i got her some information she wanted a home learn course, then she came to me for nails doing and to ask loads of questions which i honestly didn't mind. then off she went to do mobile like me. turns out she knew one of my clients and proper pulled me down saying i thought i was someone, and looked down my nose at everyone. well i couldn't get my breath and if i'm honest i got really upset thinking i must give that impression out, so off i went to mums who told me not to be so stupid and to ignore her.
netherless few more people have told me she has talked about me, but hey who do they come for, for nails doing.

I never bite back, and just get on with what we are all trying to do make a living for ourselfs and beautiful nails.
anyway if you go round bad mouthing. people are not daft and no one likes a gossip.

I wouldn't put your prices up just now, put them up when you want to. and don't let them bother you.

phew!! glad i've got that off my chest i feel a stone lighter must have got to me after all.

love jan x
jester: I guess that I have 26 customers that I have seen once and that have rebooked already so I can't be too bad?!?!:confused:

I don't really want to raise my prices as it cost me a fortune to print all the ads and price lists. I don't need to make buckets of money, so I would rather give good service and keep my prices affordable.

There's your answers :biggrin: They are obviously scared of the competition. Rise above it and carry on regardless, you are obviously doing a great job :D

Since I opened my salon 5 others have opened near me and two of my ex-clients have gone mobile!! It hasn't affected my business at all even though some of them are far cheaper than me. In fact it keeps me on my toes. Clients who are happy with you and your work will stick with you, much the same as we all do with hairdressers.

I have heard loads of strange things about me that have come from other salons!!! But, hey, like someone else said above, in order for me to hear it the client has to be sitting in my salon ;) Remember, each new client you have is a potential advertisement for you and they soon spread the good word.

I have a "Qualified Backscratchers Technician" badge which I used to wear when I did mobile - it saved lugging my certificates around. Is there any thing similar you could wear from your trainer?

Keep up the good work.
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