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Sep 12, 2007
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Hi Everyone

I'm normally a regular to Nail Geek, but feel the need to come on to Hair Geek as I'm having a problem with my extensions.

I've had a full head of Balmain blonde extensions for the past 9 months, no problems with them at all, only had about 5 fall out since I've had them. I have them regularly maintained too.

On Saturday when I went to have my colour done, I'd decided to change to brown with highlights on my t section. This was all agreed and when it was finished i was really pleased with the end result.

Now I have a problem though, it feels like I haven't washed my hair in weeks! The extensions are greasy, and a little of my natural hair. They will not dry either. I haven't changed anything I'm doing, and I use all of the Balmain shampoos etc. My hair really looks awful, dry at the ends and so greasy feeling and looking at the roots and my head it very itchy. I've washed it twice since Saturday and it's getting worse.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this, or any advice that you can give me?

Thanks so much for your help.

Could be a few things, the balmain shampoos are very gentle, when you had the colour done the shampoo/conditioner could have left a lot of extra's that you aren't used to, sounds as though the shampoo used has irritated your scalp as well. (It wasn't Fudge they used was it?, cos that does the same to me).
you need to use a shampoo to get the greasy feeling out of your hair as the extension shampoo wont be strong enough, use a laquer removing shampoo, pre -perm shampoo or if not them use treseme for normal or greasy hair do two shampoos then a shampoo with your balmaine shampoo and condition as normal, and hopefully that will remove that feeling. The other thing it could be is the colour, what colour make was used for the brown?, could have left a seal on it if its a quasi colour, and maybe you should have a skin test done as you are itchy, could be a bit allergic to tint, but if you had a quasi, it would be weaker so would not cause full blown allergic reaction.
Thanks so much for your help.

I believe all of the products that they use are loreal, colours as well.

I phoned the salon earlier to ask for advice and they said to try a 'dry' shampoo, basically don't wet my hair and then rub some shampoo in all over and then slowly add a bit of water and then do a normal shampoo with wet hair. But I'll do what you suggested then give their suggestion a go.

It just feels like I'm continuously washing my hair more than what I need to. Especially after going from blonde to brown, the colour's probably going to fade more than I would have expected!

Thanks again

did you have a skin test for the colour as you maybe having a slight reaction to the colour try using balmain hair mask on the ends of your hair where you feel it is dry and use a mild shampoo for greasy hair once a week to combate the greasyness but make sure you use balmain shampoo and conditioners in between to maintain the condition of your extentions and bonds.
Thanks everyone for your help.

I tried a dry shampoo this morning, then rinsed, then more shampoo, then rinsed, then the same with my Balmain shampoo.

Hair is in much better condition now (needs another go at it tomorrow to definitely make sure all out). Thinking back to when I was in the Salon, they sprayed GHD straightening spray all over my hair, which I can think must have been the only thing which would make it so greasy. I once tried it years ago when I didn't have extensions and hated the way it made my hair feel. I think this is a really silly thing to do considering extensions don't like grease and could slip out!

The itchyness has stopped, and again I put that down to the greasiness. I've had blonde / bleach put all over my hair in there before so doubt I'd had a reaction.

Thanks again for all of your help guys.

Even if you have colours regularly, you can suddenly become allergic any time, so do have a skin test done, also find out from the salon wether it was a quasi or a permanant tint they used, as a quasi may make you itch but a permanant could give you a fuller reaction.
Worth askin, the salon wont mind doing a skin test, by law it should be done 48 hrs before a colour anyway. If you do have a reaction it can be dangerous if you dont check this out, better safe than sorry!!

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