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Shelley Clarke

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Jan 19, 2004
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Just wanted to know if i'm just the only one who hates doing infills? The first time i do the nails they look great but i always find that after doing infills they never look quite as nice. Please can someone give me advise on this as i'm getting really disheartened and don't want to go about soaking off nails when i don't really have too. I'm waiting until June when i can do a conversion course with Creative Nails but until then am looking to all you good techs for some advise.


In what way do they not look as nice? Can you provide a bit more info? Is it shape, thickness, lifting, smile lines?????
Many products break down in appearance very quickly as to colour ... looking quite dingy even after a few short weeks. The first product I ever used was like this and I could tell even after 2 weeks that the new product looked much brighter and pinker than the old product left on the nail!! The product even used to have a sort of 'musty' smell when I filed it ... this was a well known brand and not MMA. Maybe this is what you are seeing or experiencing?

Did you know that the American Manicure was invented just for this reason ... so that the technician could 'brighten up' old and tired looking acrylic?? It made the dingy yellowy acrylic look pink again.

Many of us are spoiled rotten because we use a product that looks as good 6 months down the line as it does the first day it is applied and we forget some of the negative things that used to drive us crazy about the old products we used. LIke lifting ... regular breakages ... yellowing or dingy appearance ... musty smell ... bubbles in zone 2 ... etc.

When I changed my product line and received more training ALL these regular problems ceased to exist. I've been spoiled ever since. Your upcoming training will sort all this out for you.
I find the colour doesn't look as good as when they are first done, although i've never had any complaints and my clients are really pleased with their infills - but i know that the nails could look nicer. I'm using NSI Light Fantastic at the mo and have tried Star Nails although i won't be bying that again.

I just want to do the best job i can until i go on the Creative Conversion in June.

What products are really good to use? Any info on products would be really appreciated.


when you do your creative course you will not believe the difference when you do a rebalance... it looks like a new set again ... even when you prepare for the application the filing is so much easier- i have tried loadsa l and p systems but creative just rocks!
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