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Apr 18, 2003
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hi all :)

I have a slight problem with one client, she has Onycholysis on both her thumbs and her middle fingers, one middle finger being particularly bad looking , she came to me from another salon and all her acrylic was discoloured as well, so i soaked off and we started a new set.

On her first rebalance she had been painting during that time and had alot of green paint stained around the base of her nails, so i buffed it all out and done her rebalance, and i noticed the Onycholysis was getting a little worse on her middle finger, i explained to her what this was and how it could have happened, but she swears that she doesnt do anything rough with her hands :S she also has 3 young children so i was a little doubtful of that.

Soooooo yesterday she comes back for her rebalance after 2 weeks and her acrylic is discoloured :shock: Im using rentention + and perfect powders and have never seen this occur before NONE of my clients ever have discolouration , so i ask her a few questions, is she on medication, has she been doing something unusual with her hands and nails? been under stress? no to all of these :S

I prep and rebalance her nails the same as i do with every other client, i do nothing different, but as i cant be with her for 24 hours a day watching what she does i have no idea what is causing this.

I know its not the product, but what could she be doing to cause this? she has told me that this happens to her where ever she gets nails, but i assured her that the creative wouldnt discolour on her, so now im scratching my head wondering why it has?

Kerrie :)
Well love just had a thought !!!!
Yellow mellow peril.......
Is she a Sunbed user ??? Does she use Self Tanning lotions???? Does she use a moisturizer which contains something like carrotin or coppertan???
All these can cause discolouration...................

Does she like to clean under her nails???? This can cause damage to the onychodermal band and then can cause Onycholysis.......
Some clients feel they need to clean under the nail, with a metal object rather then a nice blob of nailbrite and a nice nailbrush..............They just feel that they have to make sure it's clean right up to the eponychium....

Just a thought............
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
I think I must have this completley wrong then because I thought if a Customer had a contra-indication then it was best not to put extensions on them! :oops: I even told one lady with Green nail that she would have to wait until it cleared up before I could put a set on her! :oops:
I think you have slightly misunderstood the post. The lady doesn't appear to have any contraindications. Onycholysis is only a contraindication if it is happening to more than a third of the nailplate .... keep extensions short is the rule here.

As to the discolouration, sometimes it can be a chemical 'thing' between the client and any product, and sometimes (usually) it can be caused by a substance such as the ones mentioned by Ruth. Even things like the habit of 'squeezing' tea bags or eating lots of curry (and getting your fingers in it) can cause this.

Sounds to me, if this happens all the time with this lady, that she has something in her chemical make up or a problem with her general health that is causing this. The onycholysis could be a symptom of this. Might be a good idea to refer her to a GP for a check up.
Hi :)

Thanks Ruth and Gigi :)

All those things sound like good possiblities, ill talk to her again on her next visit, she is really rough with her hands and really doesnt take any care of her nails at all, but expects them to look stunning all the time lol

Ill have a chat with her , as she is really after some answers as to why this is happening, not so much complaining about it , as she knows its not my fault or the product really, i might suggest she go off to her doctor and get him to look at them for her just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again , dont know what i would do without guys :D

Kerrie :)
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