Product Remover/Acetone & Arthritis


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Jun 6, 2004
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A query to all premium geeks out there.

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and never had nail enhancements as I've always had very good natural nails. I also do not have the usual stigma of RA on my hands (not yet) as since moving to Spain my arthritis has calmed down alot. Anyway, since doing the CND foundation course I have been practicing on myself with forever French L&P overlays. I soaked them off 2 weeks ago and later that same night my knuckle joints on both hands became stiff and painfull. As an experiment I did another set of overlays last week on myself and soaked them off...the same stiffness and pain occurred. Is the product remover/acetone causing this? I did notice that the remover had a very cooling effect.

Having suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over 3 years I have managed to keep things under control by avoiding anything too acidic in my diet (as recommended by many rheumatologists). Acetone is very acidic. Has anyone ever come across this problem before? Will also be asking this question when I next see my Rheumatologist.
When you put your fingers in acetone it does have a "cooling" effect and cold weather can set arthrisis pains off so it might be the remover that you are using, you may want to try a few different types of remover out but that could be a painful experiment

Thanks for your reply. From now on to keep my nails looking nice, I will now have them overlayed with gel, save having to have them soaked off.

However can anyone recommend any good product removers?
Rather than soaking of enhancements why dont you use foil method it might be more suitable....soak either nail wipe or cotton wool in product remover and then wrap with foil and leave for the usual 15-20 mins....hth..

Just thought maybe you could use a wheat bag to help keep your hands warm during the process...
I am very interested in this post re acetone and RA - is their any scientific link that anyone knows to back this up as my understanding RA is a breakdown of the immune system which can not always be traced. Any info gratefully received.

RA is a breakdown of the immune system. Dampness, cold (and sometimes even hot weather!) can have adverse affects on RA. Since moving to Spain the climate has dramatically slowed down the process for me. However, will check this out with my RA Consultant when I see him next.

Never occurred that I would ever have to address this as a health question to a prospective client until now!
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