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Oct 2, 2013
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What are some products that you cant live without?
Cool Blue! I must use this 20+ times a day!

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In the salon, Perron Rigot wax - since I started using it I would NEVER go back!!

At home, Benefit B.Right Total Moisture Facial cream... Love, love, love it!!

Just seen that this is in the Nail Section... I couldn't be without, CoolBlue hand gel or cuticle oil (still swap between Nail Harmony & SolarOil - love them both!!)

Thanks. I think i need to get some cool blue. I love the cuccio manicure cuticle oil.. Love it better than solar oil. Just wish they sold minis.
CND Shellac!

(in fact, I actually couldn't live without it, as most of my living comes from doing Shellac!)

Solar oil and my Tigi resurrection shampoo and conditioner. X
Hmm, Perfumed soap L L Love this, and more perfume and my mascara
Fav nails are stilleto's, so lots of colourful paint to play around with
Cuticle Away for ALL my nail services.
Titanium Blue hard wax for all my intimate waxings.
Serene Professional for all things skin related.

Cleen Cheeks Spa
Marmite! :D

& Brisa sculpting gel
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Work: solar oil & CND marine mineral bath (love the smell so much!)

Home: Kerstin Florian correcting serum c+ infusion (just amazing, but so expensive)

My little gold cuticle pusher and my Shellac!
Cuticle away and solar oil

Elizabeth Arden's 8hour cream for everything

Clarins instant bronze facial tan

At my nail table I couldn't live without Cuticle Away, Solar Oil, Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel and Shellac and Vinylux! I am really phasing out any other brands. I am a walking CND advertisement! :)
Max Factor mascara and tweezers. Always have tweezers with me and couldn't leave the house without mascara.

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