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Mar 5, 2003
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Hi y'all

Just a quickie from on my usually monthly poser for the May issue of Professional Nails mag...

Ok, being Easter and all, I was tempted to post the question, how do you eat yours?, but I've stopped myself and instead this one is just for those mobile moguls and home bodies:

What is the best thing about being a mobile tech/home worker and don't you miss the banter of the salon?

As usual, I will want to print your comments in the mag, so please include your full name and business name (if you have one) at the end of your post...ta muchly. (Email: [email protected] or feel free to private message me with your comments)

As you have seen from the posts from Rachel (Chocolate) and Mrs Geek, Trades Exhibitions (the publisher of Professional Nails) has bought the stable of mags from Beauty and Health. I'm afraid I don't know much more beyond what you've already been told, but never fear, once I know who will be editing the standalone mag and the monthly nails supplement to Professional Beauty and more about the situation in general, I will let you know. Both the teams here and at Beauty and Health are still getting our heads around it all, but I really hope that this will not be the end of Nails, rather a new beginning... even more so for the ANT, which has an opportunity to grow and develop and become something more akin to what HABIA is for the beauty industry.

Anyway, until I know more...

Take care and have a fab Easter!

Deputy Ed
Professional Nails
The thing i like most about being mobile is that i am not stuck in one place all the time. Its nice if you have a space between clients not to be just sat around waiting for your next client. Its also nice being able to decide when i do and dont work (having a family of 4 children lets face it, isnt always easy getting sitters in the school holidays). There are bad points to it tho, ie traveling to and from clients cuts down on working time. so u see there are good and bad points to being mobile.
Julie pelling
Toptips by julie
Have to say i also love being mobile. For one, having a daughter of 3 to worry about, (unlike four as previously said, don't know how you do it?):eek: I can fit it in around her as well as my huzband who works shifts. You gat to see all different places, (most are plus i get to know my way around better.

The downfalls are you aren't always sure if they will have a suitable table for you to use, so i am getting myself a portable table as then you don't have to worry. I love the flexibility, the fact you're your own boss, you say when, you say where, you say how much! (sounds like pretty woman!)

With a salon you are sometimes tied to times, although you do have a good working area, so both ways have their pros and cons.:D
Just one other thing, being mobile i say is more of a personal service in some ways as you are doing it in the comfort (sometimes) of the clients home. My clients like the fact that if they are desperate for a new nail if just having broke one, they do have the option, (if i'm not able to get babysitter) to come to me before their next appointment.

Obviously i usually go to them. But they love the flexibility.


Simply Nails
I love being a mobile nail tech, Hours to suit me, Fits in with the kids. I am not tied to a desk in one room all day.
Also your the boss so decided what to offer and what not to.
The down side for me is carting loads of stuff about, But well gives me a good upper body work out.
I love working from home - I have graduated from an ironing board sized piece of wood which I clamped to my dining table, then I had a small corner in the dining room set up with a desk. Now I have a purpose built room as part of an extension to the house.

I can work the hours to suit me, I can take the kids to school and pick them up and also work when they are off either ill or in the holidays. I tried renting a room in a salon one day per week but it did not work for me as if I had a no show then I was left twiddling my thumbs.

I have not yet come across any down sides. I don't have the worry of overheads needing paid on my quiet months.

I suppose one of the downsides of working from home is the odd phone call at 10 on a Sunday night from someone wanting a repair before an interview on Monday morning LOL.

I personally love working from home and the various internet message boards alleviate the loneliness aspect and also help with the problem solving issues.

As you probably guessed "I'm lovin' it!" LOL

(p.s Kathryn - good luck to all with the Mags and I wait with interest to see how ANT develops).
The best thing about mobile is you never know what to expect day to day and learning to be adaptable and still maintain your professional approach come what may. Some of my clients have visitors that turn up when I am in the middle of a service and they are always so interested and some time this leads to new clients as I think some people would feel brave enough to walk into a salon and just enquire - so this is definitely a plus to being mobile.
The day i became a mobile/home based tech was a revelation to me. Once i had completed my training it opened up a whole new world.
I get to meet wonderful, like-minded people who take pride in their appearance and many of them have become my friends. I work hours which suit me. I enjoy working in the evenings (at home), when my children are in bed, as I am a night owl! This is popular with most of my clients who work during the day. The only downside to doing mobile work is not knowing what to expect when going to a new client - where we will sit, comfort, lighting etc.

Shellie Bark
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