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Jan 11, 2003
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Well Geeky World - Choclate has already done a lovely post regarding the Nails situation; I too have more news. Mark Malony (the publisher of Professional Beauty and organiser of GMEX, OLYMPIA, EXCEL etc) has purchased the Beauty & Health Magazines. This includes Nails, Salon Ireland, Salon Therapist and Spa. After having a long chat with him today, this is the following info for you all. He will amalgamate Nails with Professional Nails; Salon Ireland will be kept as normal, Spa and Pro Spa will be amalgamated and Salon Therapist will also be kept as is. I am sure that we will hear from Mark but he assures me that regarding ANT membership, insurance etc - you have nothing to worry about. At the moment, the best person to call would be Kat Hanks who regularly asks for our advice here under 'Kathryn'.

I too am sad for our original Nails Plus Magazine but Julie's decision to sell is her own choice to make. I have known Julie and her family for an awful long time; I am sure (I hope) we haven't seen the last of Julie; I will however miss Kelly Mansfield; I have had the pleasure of working closley with Kelly for the last 2 yeras and she is a good person and she is a good editor. I wish her love and luck in her future persuits!!!

I think we should also wish Mark and his team luck with this new venture!! From three mags to two!! Let the Battles Begin!!! ;)
I too would like to send my love to kelly mansfield, A trully brillant editor :cool:
Alll the best
I am sure there will be some sorting out to do.

I renewed my membership to ANT only last week and I have a sub to PN until September LOL.

Good luck to all .
Nails Plus was the first (and for a long time, the only) Nail related magazine I subscribed to and I will miss it - good luck to everyone in the future. :cry:

Now a question! If Nails and Professional Nails are being amalgamated - what happens if people have subscribed to both? Perhaps the new owners will extend the subscription to the one remaining magazine to take into account the outstanding subscription fee paid for Nails?

Must admit though, I am a little peeved because I have only recently renewed my Nails mag subscription (I imagine many others will be in the same situation), the selling of the magazine can't have been a spur of the moment thing, so perhaps new subscribers/renewals should have been made aware they were subscribing to a magazine that would not exist in the near future? :evil:

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Hi there

I too have just renewed my subscription to ANT and also organised my insurance through them. They couldn't send me the details of the cover as they were in the middle of changing insurers, but did send me a certificate saying that I was covered through them..Does anyone know if this will still be valid? Must try and get through to them on Tuesday. Bit worried.

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