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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Can anyone help....
Ive been using Profinish Gold UV top coat for around 12 months or so. I came to re-order it from Ellisons the other day and was told it was discontinued!! (?) :( (Its listed in the Ellisons catalog along with the Revivanail range)
Anyone know if this is correct?
Im not really sure of what else to use to be honest as I have had such spiffin results with that one and never used anythin else!
Hi Jacky,

Not sure if I can be of any help here... however Pro Finish UV Gold is available here in the U.S. - maybe there are other distributors a bit further from you that carry it? :rolleyes:

Good luck! :)
Have you tried the other wholesalers - Beauty Express - or an alternative product might be Thermoshield from NSI.
Thanks for the replies.......
Yep....Ive tried Beauty Express and even asked the local Capital but to no avail!
I really hope I can track it down! :(
Fiona....thanks for the recommendation of an alternative.....if all else fails, i'll give that a whirl!
I use UV30 by EZ Flow and it's excellent. :)
Can Thermoshield and UV30 be used over enamelled natural nails.... do you know?
I need something that will be versatile, for both really as I have more Mani clients than I do enhancement ones!
Thermoshield is recommended NOT to be used on natural nails - are you looking for a topcoat for length of wear or speed of drying?
I guess as ProFinish Gold fulfilled both of those roles Fiona....Im looking for one that will be its equal. I achieved durability of the enamel, glossy shine and speed of drying with it.
I spose if push came to shove.....the durability of enamel life would have to take presidence over the speed of drying.
I too failed to get more supplies of this but was introduced to ibd uv top coat, havent stopped using it!!! Also available from ellisons.HTH
Jacki....thanks for that.
I shall bear all this in mind on my quest to find the best UV top coat!
EZ Flow do Speed Finish which is for natural nails with enamel - you dry it under a UV lamp. UV30 is for enhancements.
cathie is quite right, UV30 is only to be used over a finishd enhacement and not with lacquer. we do indeed have a uv cure top coat though -Speed Finish - that can be used on both natural and artificial nails.

Thanx to everyone for the input on this! it possible to just purchase Speed Finish without having trained as an EZflow person!? :)
It sounds like the sorta thing Im lookin for......
Thanx again!
you'll have no problem ordering Speed Finish jacky. if you give head office a call on 01204 412001, they'll help you all you can

Thanx Antony your a star!
I certainly will do!
Anyone know if these top coats are compatible with Bio Sculpture - I'm finding that my clear starts to go slightly yellow after one or two infills.


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