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Apr 14, 2003
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and another one! anyone found something that they can use to protect work surfaces? i am mobile and am just dreading the day i knock something over :shock: (hope it doesnt happen now i have said it that would be just my luck :? ) would need to be something that could stand up to acetone monomer ect and wont soak through! i find it a bit risky to use a towel and then tissue as its an unstable work surface then ;) any idears?
Hi Nicola,

On the couple of times I have gone to peoples homes, I used a Pampers mat as protection LOL. Thankfully I never spilt anything so I cant say whether it worked or not but the theory is there.

There are also lots of picnic type, plastic backed mats. I remember way back ANT used to do table protectors, dont know if they still do them.
hi fiona hows things long time no speak how are you hun :D
i think i remeber now something somewhere about mat protectors from ANT but can remember if that was a floor mat or table mat? can anyone shed any light on it? :oops:
... I used to use those table protectors that ypu get from John Lewis type shops. They are a really padded material that you get cut to size and are normally to put underneath your tablecloth to protect from hot dishes etc. I found that worked really well and isn't very expensive.

Jenni x
hi jennie do you know if they are actetone and monomer proof or will they melt on contact? my dining room table is a sight to behold as on the occasions when something has managed to drip onto the towel when it comes to tiding up i find the towel welded to the table and it comes off to behold a lovely patch of fuffyness of towel and a distinct lack of table varnish :rolleyes: ekk good job it is only a temporary cheapy job or the hubbie would be after me :twisted: also if it is a padded job then do you not find it a bit unsteady and springy for standing you dappen dish ect on?
I used to use this with a manicure mat or couch roll over it and it did the trick better than a towel as it has a smoother surface. I never spilt acetone on it but I did spill monomer and scrubfresh and it didn't go through. It worked for me anyway.

Jenni x
Hey Nicola
Would it not be easier to get a mobile nail table lol ;) they dont cost a fortune and will save you all the worry about the clients table. Looks professional also.

Just a thought
Take care Dawnie xxx
hi dawnie :D ooooooooo i know love that would be great i have seen a few posts floating about on another board about the mobile table sally's is doing at the mo i think they are about £49 trouble is i would rather spend it on lovely nail stuff to have a play with ;) but yep i think i may well just have to take the sensible option and buy a table :D started to get realy busy and its a darn site better than getting a bad back sitting at other peeps dining tables :shock: then at least i wont have to worry so much about spilling something :? my minds made up the table it is then :D i'll blame you dawnie when the credit card bill comes in :D tell him in doors 'dawnie made me do it' :D
hugs hun
Bless ya Nicola
I have been there done it babe perched on one side of a dinner table trying to position myself lol not good :shock:
It will be worth it in the long run babe believe me I am a nail tech lol
As you said it will save your back save you worrying about tables and will put your mind at rest.
Sorry to make you spend your pennies babe.......but hey if you manage to give a home to a dog from hearing dogs then I have infact saved you some babe lol

Take care babe chat soon
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can get fold out picnic tables which are dirt cheap. I know techs that use these, if any help?
hi girlies thanks for the advice i have decided to go for it and get the table from sallys will make life alot easier just wish i had managed to get time to sort it out today have a new cleint tommorrow wish me luck!! ;)
IKEA do a great clear plastic draw lining. It comes in a roll and you cut it to the required size.

It is perfect for puuting in the bottom of you case, in your draws or protecting your work surface.

It also has circular grips on it, so it is great for holding your dappen dish still. Only a couple of quid and it is a great buy whether you have the proper nail station or not. It is called "Rationell".
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