Protein shampoo and extensions?


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Mar 28, 2016
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I would like to try out a shampoo , conditioner, and treatment system from Redken called Extreme. It's a protein based product for fragile, spilt prone hair such as mine! I've heard good feedback from my clients about how it has helped.
I've heard somewhere that protein products are not good for extensions hair though? I'm getting a new set of hair in on Thursday and don't want to get the shampoo etc if it's not going to be suitable.
Any one know?!
Can I ask please, how is is best to ask questions on here? I never seem to get much response unlike others that post similar things and get several contributions.
Is it a case of being new?
I find the same! I recommend all my clients use extreme conditioner. It's excellent on extension hair. One client got 12 months out of Angel Remy tapes using the shampoo and conditioner. I recommend shampoo depending on their hair type but it's always Redken. Never had a problem with stick tips or tapes and the extreme range. It's fantastic! I'm not sure how it would be on bonds though as I don't do them. I tell my clients to use the mask about once a fortnight as its higher in protein and can make the extension hair a little 'crispy'. It's also fantastic for their own hair. Win!!
Sometimes you just have to be patient. You may not even get a reply at times! It just depends on who is on and if they're interested in what you're talking about.

You have to be very careful with protein. Too much of it will suck every last bit of moisture from the hair until its as dry as the desert. Once a month i'd say, thats for both natural hair and extensions.

The Schwarzkopf BC colour freeze range is brill for extensions, they're sulphate free and really gentle.
Thank you both! Feeling less invisible now [emoji1]
That's great, I think I'll get some of the extreme but go careful with it. I did also notice last time I had extensions, which were terrible quality it turned out, when I used my affinage colour protect (sulphate free) shampoo and conditioner they became much smoother, so that ties in with your recommendation too.
Fab thanks [emoji4]

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