Purple shampoo-would you recommend on human hair extensions?


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Jul 16, 2015
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Hi.. I'm trying to get some advice on using purple shampoo on hair extensions. I've seen comments saying to stay clear of them because they dry extensions out and other reviews to say its okay to use them. Is it best to not use them? Thanks xx
If the extension hair is already bleached to a pale blonde, it will have been through numerous strong chemical processes to get there as most hair extension hair is naturally dark brown to start off with.

Applying any more chemicals even just washing it will cause some damage so you need to proceed with caution and just try a few strands to see what happens.
purple shampoo tends to grab really quick on extensions too aswell as drying them out, i've seen extensions that have actually turned purple after 1 wash x
Mine turned purple within 5 seconds it was ridiculous :/ do a strand test x
Thanks guys, I think i'll advise clients against them or just explain this to them to cover myself. xx
Some stain the bonds too
I use it on mine. I went grey/silver, so bought the grey hair extensions + had fitted. I use for my own hair the loreal purple shampoo + Mia colour refresh. It is really drying on them, like really drying after a few months especially, but I use all coconut oils etc on ends 2 help. So wouldn't advise on um unless needed x

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