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Feb 23, 2024
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Hi guys,

I’m changing careers and I’m interested in skin therapy / treatments specifically. I was looking at VCVT courses and I read that I have to get a level 2 and then level 3 (and beyond) to do this professionally.

My question is for insurance purposes…
If I am only wanting to do treatments regarding skin, do I have to do a full level 2 & 3 beauty therapy course (manicure, lashes etc) or am I able to just get the qualifications for the services I’m going to provide?

As I will not need to do nails, waxing etc so I feel like it would be a waste and if I’m able to get to becoming qualified without the need to do a full course I would be much happier

Thanks guys!
You can get insurance with non accredited qualifications, where the subject is taught at the level of a 2/3/4 course but not verified by an external auditor on behalf of an accredited vocational qualification body. you just have fewer choices, you can’t shop around and if insurers decide to cancel a particular scheme you might be left uninsurable. It depends on what sort of treatments you want to offer. If you are thinking of offering machine based treatments the trend is towards a degree so you need to hold qualifications that will acceptable by a college. You should get a VTCT level 4 as a minimum.

You might want to consider CIBTAC qualifications, they offer fast track and part-time courses that are delivered to a high standard. They are good value for money for over 18’s and much more time efficient. You won’t have to hand in worksheets of labelled diagrams nor do any colouring in and the standard is much higher.

There are also a number of private schools offering level 4/5/6 courses in skin knowledge and they accept complete beginners. They won’t get you to the standard your clients will expect for your basic facial techniques, but you should be able to obtain insurance.

I would comment that it is tricky to launch a career in facials on the back of a few weekend and evening courses.

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