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  1. wowbb

    Looking for trainers across all ranges and areas

    We are expanding our network of trainers and have fantastic opportunities available for educators to join our team. If you have your AET and love teaching or you want to start teaching beauty courses then this might be for you. Ranges include Lashes, brows, tanning, waxing and nails throughout...
  2. B

    Courses advice

    Hi, I have recently qualified 5 months ago in SPMU, but I really want to do more, I currently offer Ombre brows, brow treatments, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. I feel like I am not receiving the client base, I want to purchase a course that offers 14 qualifications and a free teaching...
  3. L

    Beauty schools in Glasgow, Level 2

    Hello all, I'm new to Scotland (Glasgow). I hold my beauty diploma from Spain but now I have to get requalified here. I do speak English so that language isn't a problem. I'm looking for **recommendations on a beauty school LEVEL 2 qualification** (VTCT, SVQ, NVQ- Still don't know which is...
  4. Lillyb

    CND training

    I want to do some training I'm a complete beginner!! I have heard highly of the CND training but I'm either being really silly or I cant seem to find a class near me. I live in the surrey area. Anyone who has done training with them what did you think is it worth the money
  5. Lillyb

    Acrylic courses

    Hello, I have always wanted to do beauty and recently had a baby so I think it's the best time to start now. I work for the emergency services so my shifts are all over the place and not family friendly at all. I want to do a course in nail extensions, acrylics, powder etc. I cant seem to find...
  6. GabrielleOrd


    Hi everyone, I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting into nail tech. I’m a really creative person and have been all my life. Im just struggling because I’m now turning 21 so have to pay for education and I work full time. I’ve seen that open college does a full nail tech course with a...
  7. C

    Training advice

    Hi There, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding training. I have been thinking about this for several years but always talk myself out of it i think because im a little frightened, feel too old etc but my current work is so unfulfilling, I would love to do a job that I...
  8. S

    Pedicure education?

    Hello salon geek members I'm Sara and only just found this forum and so far I see so many of you supporting one and other and giving great advice which I think is just amazing. So I thought i would kindly see if I could ask for some feedback and any thoughts you may have on my idea? First of...
  9. Luxury Lashes - London

    Waxing course advice

    Hello, I am L2 VTCT qualified and absolutely love everything beauty related and done multiple training courses but i'm not working in beauty at the moment (always in and out due to finances and being scared to leave a stable job to pursue my dream!) I want to get back into it again and have...
  10. F

    Acrylic training courses

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I started doing acrylic extensions again, and I have decided to train so that I can be insured and after much practise, start taking my own clients. I have been looking at all the options for training.. One of the options is The Nail School in West Midlands...
  11. Soph_beauty

    Acrylic course recommendations

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows any cheap acrylics course, I’m more into liquid and powder but a lot of them are expensive! I only have a small budget. I’ve been told it’s better to do an acrylics course then work my way up to sculpting/L+P as it’s better for my insurance however...
  12. jen1989cuttie

    Unaccredited trainer-please help!

    I went on a course that was marked as ABT accredited, the trainer that taught me was not credited. My question is if the teacher is not accredited but the owner who is accredited issued the certificated even tho she did not teach me, is that legal? and is my certificated valid? hope this makes sence
  13. B

    Dermaplaning courses

    Hi I’m looking for recommendations for dermaplaning courses in London & the south! Thanks in advance
  14. R

    Lash extensions training help

    Hey! I’m after a few bits of advice regarding training in lash extensions. I’ve never had them myself so I have no idea where to begin! The questions I have are -what technique to train in? I’ve seen a fair few different ways and not sure what makes them differe, such as express, classic and...
  15. I

    Course accreditation

    HI, Afternoon all. Just wondered if someone may be able to give me a little advice. For a long period of time now I have been working toward becoming an accredited teacher/course in a particular subject (eyebrows) So I have passed my level 3 aet teaching qualification and I am now at the stage...
  16. Princessintraining

    Help, what’s my qualification?

    hello lovlies! so I have completed the following course Now i would like to be able to offer gel polish, nail art of all types, extensions (so i have booked onto a free form sculpting diploma) and hard gel...
  17. S

    Training in nails

    Hi everyone I recently qualified in level 2 beauty and i'm hoping to improve my knowledge further and focus more on nails to enable me to offer mobile nail treatments. i have spent hours researching different nail qualifications and honestly i do not know which route to go down. i have manicure...