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Dizzy geek
Apr 21, 2003
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Hi All,

Just wondered what your views are on nail enamels, as when i have read up on previous posts you all seem to mention polishes that are purchased whole sale.

I tend to purchase a lot of colours from the Avon magazine and Rimmel do a fab range, i have just got one of their latest shades 899 ARRESTING, its a green shade and its fab.

Our tutors at collage did say that if you buy wholesale then your clients will only be able to purchase them from you and this is where your sales come in, just wondering how many of you actually sell them to your clients!

Sorry this is a long winded one!!!

Thanx, Lou xxx :D
Hi Lou. i have loads of polishes every colour and all diffirent makes like you i love the colours by rimmel and also have the new green one isint it fab!! i do buy polishes whole sale as well such as attitude and sinful i also really like opi but thay are so exspensive. :shock: i do buy alot of attitude american manicure sets and sell them on to clients as i seem to use it alot and really love the product. and it is a good price but again i have only seen it in whole salers.. do you buy any whole sale?... mandyx
Most of the teks on this site will purchase from wholesalers as that is how we make our living - buying 'professional' products that are NOT available to the public - hence they can only buy from us at a higher price (or RRP - recommended retail price). Professional products also perform much better than chemist or even department store brands - hence again Professioanl Lines! Pro Nail companies are Creative Nail Design, NSI, LCN, Natural Nail Co, etc for example, you would buy a Creative enamel for £2.95 + vat and you would sell it for £8.50 upwards - Welcome to the beauty of Retail ;) ;)
With all the different names out there how do we know what is what?

Nail Polish
Nail Varnish
Nail Lacquer
Nail colour
Nail enamel

Plus others I cannot think of at the moment.

How do you know which is best and what makes it better.
Just a quick FYI:

These are all synonyms meaning the same thing: Basically a colourful coating.

The key difference in pro enamels is in the subtleties (i.e. pigment quality).
The key difference between professional enamels and retail enamels lies in something called TSF resin.

Several years ago, a sue happy lad of a lawyer in the sue happy state of California decided to try and file a class action lawsuit against polish manufacturers for using something called Toluene in their formulations.
Toluene in very high concentrations is a health risk and something the lawyer was hoping would butter his bread for some time to come.
Retail based manufacturers settled out of court and signed an agreement never to use the stuff again.
Pro companies smelled BS and waited for the lab results to come back.
They found that the level of toluene in a busy salon was several times lower than the safety threshold value is (you’re more likely to be exposed to higher and more dangerous levels of carbon monoxide sitting in traffic)... The whole issue became a moot point... the suit was dropped but after the retail manufacturers did the doody on themselves...
In other words... they can’t use TSF resins now... pro companies can. TSF resin is a more than safe ingredient (and by far the best) that can be used in enamels.

In brief... Pro enamels rule while store bought... retail based ones suck :)
mr geek what does the toluene do :huh:
Toluene is a solvent in nail enamels. Enamels that contain Toluene (as in TSF resin) apply smoother, have less peeling and have much more resilient colouring.

There are other solvents that can be used instead, but Toluene is very safe, and the very best.

Hope this helps :)
Mr Geek

Just had a look at a Collection 2000 nail polish from Boots/Superdrug and that has Toluene in it too - is it down to the amount of Toluene in the polish that makes the professional enamels better? :?
Collection 2000 is appalling!! It chips and flakes off within an hour of it being applied!

mr geek thanks it helps alot :D
Nails at Home said:
Mr Geek

Just had a look at a Collection 2000 nail polish from Boots/Superdrug and that has Toluene in it too - is it down to the amount of Toluene in the polish that makes the professional enamels better? :?

hmm... interesting. Not too sure. Generaly, you wont see Toluene in the ingredient list... you will see TSF resin.
Maybe they didnt agree to use it, or they use a trace amount with another solvent.
Go figure :huh:
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