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Sep 19, 2010
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I have had the worst day ever and can't see the point anymore might as well get an office job a lot less stress really fed up
Didnt want to read and run hun.
Sorri your having a bad day.
Has something awful happened?
I get days sometimes when im so disheartened if something goes wrong i want to throw my tools down and go home to my family cause i feel like im missing out with them doing a job im not particularly liking,and then i go into work the next day and have some of my nicest clients in and i remember i actually do love what i do.
Sooty to hear you had a bad day:sad: what happened , but tomorrow is a new day honey xxxx
What's happened mobilemartine?
Trust me I've had the most awful clients in the past where at the time I felt like bursting into tears but now I look back & chuckle to myself.
We all have our bad days :)
Meant to say sorry not sooty x
The normal someone having a treatment threatening legal then getting a refund how can people do this this is our lives our income I put my heart and sole into my work for people wanting free treatments then still threatening legal ;(
Unfortunately we live in a blame culture, not helped by these bloody adverts telling you to sue left right and centre.

If you have done everything by the book you can rise above it chin held high.
I do teeth whitening and am fully aware it's deemed legal in 2001 but there is still arguments around this it's a cosmetic procedure although a dentist has said today that only dentists can perform this and it's all started ;(
It's horrible been in my salon a year now really love it put my heart and sole into it train in new things covered by insurance but yet this I'm a busy little salon and my clients know im good but this affects my home life been stressing all day ;(
Dont let it ruin your home life hun.
Leave it at the door or you will always be stressed about these people that try to create trouble for some of us.
When you get home take a deep breath and have a strong coffee and put it to the back of your mind for a bit.
O and a glass of wine would def be deemed a reasonable request after a stressed day :wink2:
Thanks all just find it hard to leave behind as this is the first month of the salon being my only income am very upset by this ;( xx
I agree. You have your own business but you need 'me' time.
Relax & put your feet.
Re think the situation tomorrow :)
You will look back on this in a few months and wonder why you got so stressed about it.
Unfortuneatly your going to get people like that alot so go get yourself a thicker skin and a fake smile and then when theyve gone,curse them to crap!
I go out to the back courtyard at work when ive had a really ****ty client in or on the phone and i scream my bloody head off,then have a ciggi and a coffee and then go back in and start again.
Some people will try anything on.
What happened>?x
There are so many clients out there wanting money off or changing their minds about what they want! And you wouldn't be busy if you didn't care about your clients- that's what makes them come back because your good at what you do and you care!
It is hard work having your own salon and running a home as well but you will find the right work/life balence for you!
I don't give refunds as a good will I'll give a gift voucher, your not losing then and hopefully they will give you a second chance. And if someone is wanting to sue don't worry your insured. Don't let it get to your home live just like any job you open the door to your house and forget about work, I know that's hard to do. Hold your head up high you are doing something right if you are busy and your clients are still coming to you. Good luck
Why did they want a refund?
First thing to learn is there are so many chancers out there I too at first felt like this then I hardened up.

What u need to do is speak to your insurance company and make sure you are fully knowledgable on dos and don't. As soon as you give a refund you are admitting your at fault.

I've been threatened with legal action before because gel polish didn't last 14 days only 10 I look back now and laugh at it but at the time I was like holy c**p panic stations spoke to insurers and they told me what to do I took great pleasure in getting my solicitor to write her a letter basically saying see you in court when you lose but in a professional Maner!

She then slated me all over Facebook do I got solicitor to send her a letter to say I would sue for slander etc never heard from her again.

Yes it would have been cheaper to refund but it's principle.

Inbox me if you want a chat cx
As they kept moving there tongue ( to which I said not too) they moved the gum dam and got product on the gums ;( to which they have been to the dentist the dentist told me its fine will go down on a couple of days but they are saying all sorts ;( I called my trainer immediately who has been amazing at helping me but it's just seems pointless u do a consult explain and tell them they have to do a there told and u go through everything amazing results then there able to demand a full refund why continue ;( thanks for all ur help everyone u are all amazing x
On your consultation form does it say about not moving tongue! Did she sign a consultation form? If so I wouldn't worry so many of these chancers out there!
It sounds from your posts that you have already refunded her?

If this is the case, then breathe a sigh of relief. She's gone and you don't have to deal with her anymore. You'll be double sure to make sure that clients understand this part of the consult and sign saying they'll agree to do what you tell them, from now on.

Don't worry anymore. Clear your head and do whatever you enjoy doing...having a relaxing bath, reading a book, glass of wine, chocolate, whatever...and forget about it. It is over and done with and if it ever happens again, you will be prepared. Your regular clients appreciate you and there is a reason for that xx

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