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May 31, 2012
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I have recently more than ever experienced clients (and me personally) with lifting at the tips, and have researched endlessly to try and find the solution.

It has become quite upsetting and just when I feel like giving up I have success with a client who is getting at least 2 weeks of wear. So I'm not ready to give up just yet but am close!

I have followed all advice on proper pep and technique and still no improvement. I suspect I'm guilty of applying to thickly and not correctly capping at the tip. I am experiencing shrink back at the tip and the capping is not working. When I try to apply super thin I find I am running out of product when trying to sweep over the nail plate and am having to dip back in the bottle for more product

I have tried to link to some photos to show the shrink back and lifting.
Any feedback welcomed


How it's lifting

I know this isn't going to be much direct help, but when I was struggling with Shellac, I booked myself onto a course through SweetSquared for the 'Shellac brings em back' course. It really helped me
Hi hun

Are you making sure you are covering the nail and swiping the free edge properly with your base coat? The only reason i ask is i had a very slight shrinking when i missed a bit. Though its not so much as shrinking as the colour coat had nothing to cling to so to speak.

Make sure you scrub the scrub fresh in and remember to include the free edge and under.

Only swipe don't cap.

If youve not been on it as the poster above says get booked on to the shellac course really worth it.

Love n hugs x x x
Just a couple of questions. What lamp are you using? And how old is it or the bulbs?
Jen x
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It would be good for you to book a one to one session with your nearest CND Shellac Education Ambassador. So they can help you to figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it.
They would be delighted to help you out.
I would definately recommend the shellac course. I was having a couple of issues with my application & after doing the course I never looked back. :)

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