Rebalance - hard gel over soft?


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Jan 27, 2007
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I have a client booked in next week, and all I know is what has been put on the computer at work, which is rebalance over existing soft gel or soak off and new applied.

I know alot will depend on their condition, but in principal, is it ok to apply Brisa over a soft gel (I don't know what brand, if that matters)?
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If its soft gel I would just remove and re apply I'm not sure a hard gel would sit well on top, but iv not tried it. :)
i doubt it would work out well, i'd imagine the technology behind the 2 concepts is different .
i would take it off and reapply so as not to risk service breakdown.
i bet someone with all the science of it will let us know soon.
I wouldn't want to take any chances....i'd just soak off and apply new set :)
Thanks for the replies guys - I would love to know the science/reasoning of it tho so I can explain it to the client and know for future reference too :)
As far as the science .. A hard over a soft would stick, but for the sake of esthetics I would remove and start again fron scratch with a hard gel. It really will mke a better result.
Thanks Gigi

I'll advise the client that soaking off is the best option and put my new Brisa skills into practice :)
Well I saw the client on Friday, did a full soak off and replaces with Brisa French and she was really pleased and has booked in for her next rebalance :)
I have tried it on myself and it didn't work very well. They only lasted another few days after putting hard gel on top!! x

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