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Natalie MUA

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Jul 25, 2007
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I had a rebalance nightmare the other day, this is what happened, went to my client the orginal nail were not done by myself but she just wanted them infilled, I should have refused there and then but no I said Id do it. Started at zone 1 cutting filing and I noticed the tips were very thick, I then started to file the as I filed at zone 2 I noticed the white on the tip came away very easy, it did not have acrylic powder on it by the looks of it, anyway it was a nightmare it looks as though whoever had done them had tipped the nail then put the pink acrylic on to zone 2 & 3 and the stress point but not on zone 1, I hated it and the end result was rubbish, this was my first rebalance, also the new smile line I found really difficult to perfect, sorry to rant just a bit deflated :cry: has anyone else came accoss this
sorry you had such a bad time...:hug:

its fine to infill on someone else work as long as they are sound...(no lifting..etc).

if the tips where coming off then it may have been best to soak off and start again.
What a nightmare for you mate.
I would have started allover again like Angie said and explained to her WHY you had to do it.
Good luck with the next one, hopefully it won't be as stressful!

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