Recommend the best nail polish range?


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Oct 23, 2011
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I am looking to buy a nail polish range? Just so many to choose from, any advice of any good recommendations? Thanks :)
I personally love orly, they last for ages! great range of colours!
This is a very personal choice and all techs will tell you their favorite but if you use the search facility at the top of the page this has been discussed many times and you will get some useful answers to your question.
OPI all the way, they are laquers as opposed to polishes, I still have one that's 10years old and is still as fluid now as it was then ( it is an Inbetween colour so rarely used but fantastic colour ) hth x
Search bar!!.......oh wait that's not an option lol it should be.

Try taking the top three polishes and trying them for yourself :)
Jessica for me

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OPI - love it!!!
Why not retail brand that matches your professional product...

It looks better to the client

Ties in with what you offer on a pro level

Saves having multiple supplier

If you pro brand don't offer one are you really working with a brand that has masters the industry?

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