Recommended Nail Product Brands??


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Aug 10, 2010
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Just new to the site :green: and recently passed my Acrylic nail course.

At the moment I'm using Nail Zone products as they are reasonably priced, however, some products I need are not available from Nail Zone.

Im looking for some advice as when searching online for nail products there are so many different brands out there I don't know which ones to choose :confused: I'm confused as to which ones are good and which ones are c**p basically as I don't want to be wasting money on rubbish brands.

Seen The Edge, Star Nails, NSI are any of these good brands?

Look forward to hearing from you all....

Danielle xxx
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well the basic brands like star nails and edge sumtimes don't meet all the needs of clients.I use in my salon jessica for my manis and pedis as the bottle lasts ages you get to use the whole bottle unlike sum that dry out and go gloppy half way down the bottle it dries pretty quick and there are good ingredients in there treatment bases & top coat. As for false nails i used backscratchers as they hardly do any damage to the natural nail & when you start with them they do one to one training by coming to you're salon or place of work an the educator is always there if you have an questions. hope i've helpped and good luck x

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