Red spots on bikini area


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May 10, 2003
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i done a bikini wax today on a lady i have done a couple of times, but since she was waxed the first time she has developed little red spots on the skin.

she asked me today whys shes got them and how she can get rid of them.

i use creme wax ( i know - i am currently researching hot wax)

im worried that she will think its my waxing technique so would like to give her some good advise on how to treat it.

Sounds like ingrown hairs. What training have you had? She needs to exfoliate after being waxed.
sounds like ingrown hairs . or could the follicles be infected, she may have put something on the area when she went home after the wax (They dont always volunteer that info !!!)
It could be any of the above or simply a sweat rash.

Dry brushing is great or if she still gets ingrown hairs, try something like Ingrow Go by Skin Doctors.

Some people are prone to them and it's nothing to do with your technique. xx
i trained at college at level 2.
i was beginning to think it was something to do with my technique.
how often should she exfoliate?
if i tell her to exfoliate and dry brush do you think the spots will disappear within a couple of weeks.

if it were to be a sweat rash is there anything she can do for that.


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