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Jul 24, 2010
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i have a potential new client approach me yesterday who has asked me to do her hair, she has informed me that she is pretty much grey / white all over - at present she has home dyed red hair ( live only used once ) her ends are darker than the roots and there is uneven colour throughout.
what she wants is to have the red stripped out and to go a base 8 or 9 with some other blonde / dark blonde shades through it
i took a test sample but have not yet had chance to do anything to it.

can i have some tips and ideas from u wonderful ladies as to what might be the best course of action for this lady.

is it going to be as simple as bleach bathing the hair to a light orange, applying a base 8 then giving the hair a rest for couple weeks then putting bleach or meshe hightlights through???
or is all the home dye red gonna keep coming through or not lift out, cient is prepared for the condition to change and i have advised her that if she keeps using a professional shampoo and conditioner she can help restore her hair back to health.

i look forward to hearing from you
thanks :o)
If you had a crystal ball this would be easy:green:

Color correction is never straight forward or simple, for one reason, that you never know till you start! I doubt that she will go from read to blonde in one sitting, and the condition of the hair will dictate where you can take her.
See how light you can get her. If its a stubborn drugstore dye,you may have to foil the blonde in until her hair is recovered enough for stripping. Always start with a product that is a non damaging, reverse oxidization option before you break out the bleach as you want to keep the hair in as good shape as possible.
Have fun!!!!

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