Removing bonded extensions


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Oct 22, 2010
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hi everyone. i am trying to take my extensions out. well the bonds!!! ive put on the usual conditioner and acetone but they are really really stubborn and because they are so tough and im yanking them out its pulling my hair out too!!! :cry: can anybody recommend anything else that maybe youve used and found it makes them go softer??? btw i am a hair prof (doing a diy job) lol but looking for professional advice so the girls in work can be a bit gentler :cry: any advice is appreciated. thank you xx
hi we use these extension plyers to squash to glue then they seem to slide out a bit easier. also use extension remover oil aswell. Hope this helps and makes sense:) x
Is it not possible to go back to the person who put them in? I would never recommend anyone taking them out who hasn't been trained to do so.
thank u for ur replys... ive got most out but still some left!!! think i'll just get clip ins now!! i had them done in work and coz we r soooo busy the others girls havent had a chance to take them out so me bein me and bein impatient i started myself now they gone really sticky with the conditioner i put on to soften them grrr x
Some respond to acetone and some won't.
You may want to try mentholated spirit. This may work.
1.Get a cotton wool pad and soak it in the spirit.
2. Soak 2-3 bonds at a time for at least 20 seconds.
3. Use pliers to crush and mush the bond.

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