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Jun 30, 2003
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Hi guys,

You're gonna be seeing more of me with queries now that I'm busy! :D

I've got a few ladies booked in who've currently got gel enhancements but want to switch to P&L. I haven't done my gel/fabic conversion yet (booked in end oct, masters in Nov arghhhhhh!!!), I've also got one who's got gel that she just wants removed.

So... how do I remove the gel? obviously have no idea what system is on there.

... and while we're on the subject of removing, I LOVE the fabric# and have silk on myself, but, erm, how do I take them off :D

Fabric# soaks off with product remover in about 10 minutes
Gel if it is the normal stuff, needs to filed off, some Gels are soakable.
But can't remember the names of those..................

I only use the buff off stuff, so I am not familiar with the soakable stuff.........But maybe someone else here on the board can give you somemore usefull information

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
Calgel, Biosculpture & IBD are all soak off. IBD takes a lot longer though - most techs still buff it off as it is quicker!

All of these companies have websites giving specific instructions for removal.

There may be other soak off ones.

Why don't you ask where they had them done, then call the salon pretending to enquire about having your nails done and ask what product they use?
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