Removing Gelish difficult


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Hey, the last while I’ve been having a bit of trouble removing gelish.

When I soak off for 12 it doesn’t seem to have budged and it seems to take ages. At the beginning I was amazed with the gelish removal liquid because after the 12 mins when I took the foils off it lifted itself without even having to touch the nails. It came off so easy.

The last client after soaking twice I have to near scrape some of it n it looked like the foundation was still there in parts. It seems to stick like concrete.

It’s not the specific clients nails as it’s the same clients it came off easy in the beginning and don’t want to be scraping at nails.

Was thinking I hadn’t filed enough into the top it off to break the seal but didn’t file much at all at the beginning so it’s not that I’ve changed technique. I’m baffled has anyone any idea?


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I use Gellux and had the same issue, make sure that you are not putting on the layers too thick!


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Are you making sure you are completely filing through the top coat?

Sometimes you can leave the wraps on too long and the product will reharden as the liquid has dried out.

I remove shine with a 150 file & apply a wrap, then continue and do the same to each nail until all 10 are wrapped.
Then I go back to the first nail and push off any loosened product, re wrap if necessary (adding more soak
Off liquid if needed)
Takes me 10 minutes altogether. I have Been offering Gelish for 3 years now and not had a problem with removing before x
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As @cheekychick mentioned, you really need to manually debulk to facilitate faster removal on most gel polish lines.


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Thanks for the reply, yea I think my problem must be not filing through the top coat.

I’d read through other answers for similar problems and I seen you’d said about how they could reharden if left on too long. I tried reapplying liquid and it didn’t make a difference. So definatly going to concentrate on top layer.

Also think it was the 100/180 I’ve been using for filing through top coat. That’s what I’d been given in training.

Thanks so much for your tips n replying to me