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  1. L

    Hairdressing chair to rent and room to rent in Bramley, Leeds.

    We have a hairdressing chair to rent in a well established salon in Bramley, Leeds. We have clients waiting and a stylist would be able to work their own hours to suit them. We also have a room available to rent suitable for aesthetics or alternative treatments. If interested please text Laura...
  2. H

    Looking to rent a chair in Manchester

    Hello I am a new makeup artist and I am currently doing my training with PLouise. I am looking to rent a chair in a salon on a Saturday only in north Manchester however I do not yet have a client base so hoping by being in a salon this will build my clientele. Does anyone know of any chairs to...
  3. C

    Beautiful independent London hair salon with chairs available to rent to all hair professionals.

    Gorgeous salon with handpicked décor and individual design, located in an upmarket, exclusive courtyard in the affluent area of Bloomsbury, London available to rent Just minutes walk from Holborn, Tottenham Court Rd and Russell Square stations in a great central location. Are you a reliable...
  4. gh1

    Rent a chair, Chelmsford

    Hi everyone! We recently have a space open to rent a chair available in our salon. Addition to this, we also have a beauty room available to rent. Please let me know if you are interested, my mobile number: 07795414709
  5. F

    Where to advertise my chairs/spaces to rent?

    Hi everyone! I’m a healthcare professional who’s has recently set up my own business doing medical aesthetics (Botox, fillers, skin care etc). I’ve got the opportunity to take on a lease of an established hair and beauty salon near me. Due to covid, the salon has remained empty and unleased for...
  6. A

    Rent a chair advice

    I'm looking into opening my own business and was thinking about renting a chair out. is it better to charge a flat rate, or charge a mix charging a flat rate plus commission, or just charge commission. how much do you charge in either of those methods.
  7. N

    Nail technicians wanted

    looking for Nail technicians wanting to rent a chair in salon in Birmingham (Erdington)
  8. L

    Problem with chair landlord

    Hello geeks! I have just had a ride of a morning... I'm not sure what to do because I'm scared the salon owner who treated me poorly enough to make me leave will badmouth me to my old clients I really rely on word of mouth. I contacted whom I could but obv that's not everyone... This morning...
  9. F

    Room to rent London/Essex

    Hello I’m looking to rent a room in London/Essex on weekends. I will be carrying out lash treatments. I’m struggling to find a salon online. Can anyone recommend where I can look? Thanks
  10. Jades Nails

    Taking non refundable deposits

    I’ve just become self employed, renting a nail table from a salon. Lately the salon including myself have had no shows, some won’t even bother to give a text to let me know they cannot make the appointment. I was talking to the owner and she said she is going to start taking deposits for all...
  11. Nathanhayhair

    Salon chair to rent in Chelmsford town centre

    An attractive opportunity for a self employed hairdresser/colourist to rent a chair in a highly sort after location in chelmsford town centre. The location boasts many stand out features including Beautiful views over looking chelmsford cathedral/ spa and beauty services within the premises/...
  12. C

    Renting chair, tax help

    Hi all - First time poster here, hopefully in the right place. I’m leaving my employer of 11 years to rent a chair, and a bit nervous. I’m trying to learn as much as I can, but The one question I can’t find an answer to is regarding taxes. I understand there is a self employment tax...
  13. Cnbmakeup

    Rent a chair salon contract

    Looking for some advice on providing my salon girls with a rent a chair contract. How do I make it legally binding. Surely I can’t just type up a contract myself and have them sign this. Any help will be much appreciated ✨
  14. L

    Rent a room payment

    I’m just wanting some advice on renting a room in a salon. The salon room is extremely small and there’s not much room at all, just enough room for a chair and shelves, I can’t even have a bed I can only have the adjustable chairs. What is the standard amount of rent? A lot of my friends pay...
  15. R

    Rent a chair Leeds

    Fantastic opportunity to rent a chair in Yeadon, Leeds. Have total freedom working for yourself. Freedom to work what hours you want, to use the products you want. In a relax friendly environment. From £30 per day. Message me for more details.
  16. L

    Renting a chair costs

    Hi everyone.. So I rent a chair for £35 a day, I booked off last week as holiday plus one day off sick as my son was poorly. The salon owner has asked me to send rent for the days I was off Surely if it’s booked as a holiday you don’t pay rent? What if it’s a sick day? Thanks
  17. S

    Room for rent, Broadstairs

    Are you looking to rent a room in Broadstairs? We run Scalpworx Clinic (Scalp micropigmentation, tattoo removal) and we are looking to rent out one of our treatment rooms in our modern clinic in Broadstairs High Street, it would be great for someone who specialises in SPMU or beauty...
  18. M

    Booth rent or commission

    I just got out of school not long ago. Been in the nail business for not even half a year. Started out in a booth rent salon. Was making no money so I decided to tell my manager I was going to step away and try to find somewhere that’s commission. Was told I had no passion & this wasn’t the line...
  19. H

    Getting new clients when starting in a new salon help

    I will be starting self employed in a salon within two weeks its based 10 minutes from a town centre but there is a barbers right next door which sits on the corner so people passing buy mainly see the barbers and not the salon. there is other stylist which is self employed too but she mainly...