Renting a room in a new salon!


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Oct 3, 2009
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West Midlands

I'm after some more advice!!!

I qualified in NSI Acrylic Nails and LA Tan Spray Tanning in September, and am going on an NSI Hollywood Gel Toes course next week!!
I'm currently working mobile in the evenings/weekends and am really enjoying it, but really want to rent a room, and keep all of my equipment set up in one place!

A new salon has opened near to where I live, and 5mins away from the office job that I'm currently in. They had a sign on the window advertising for a room to rent for a nail technician.
I've been in and enquired about it and really really want it, but just want to see what other people think first!
Basically, it's a new salon on a very busy street in the city centre. I would be renting a room upstairs for my spray tanning, and would have a nail station in the window downstairs. There's nothing in the salon yet (they only opened last Monday and are only doing threading at the moment, and the builders are still working upstairs!) but it looks fantastic and is in such a good location. I asked if I'd be able to work part-time hours (work 8am-12 in my office job) and then go to the salon after, and she was fine with that. I'd also continue to work mobile on some evenings during the week. She said I'd also be able to work late if I wanted to. Rent would be £50 per week +rates (she said that rates wouldn't be much) for the first 3 months and would be reviewed after that.

Does this sound like a good opportunity??? I know I'm rushing into things a bit as I've only recently qualified, but am convinced that it's too good an opportunity to turn down. What other questions should I be asking???
The lady is going to speak to her mother-in-law (who she's in partnership with) and is going to call me back on Monday.

Laura xx

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