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Jul 7, 2015
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Hi all

I've been reading through lots of renting room threads and was hoping for some advice. I'm putting together some things to clarify with the salon owner-she has a hair salon and I will be renting the room for beauty treatments. We're working on a 50/50% basis, whereby she will be providing the products and equipment. She has very much been asking if I am ok with everything opposed to telling me, and I will reiterate that I am a business within a business. But there are a few things I wanted to run past you guys.

She said that she and the other stuff would get 50% discount"if it was ok with me" and that I would also get discount with her. I am happy to stand up and say no as I know it's my business but I am genuinely happy to have a staff discount arrangement, I just want it to be a fair one. My feeling is that it has to be when there are no clients booked in and if a client wants the appointment then they take priority and aren't turned away. I also feel that there are 4 of them, and I have a variety of treatments-they could be booking in all the time for nails, tan, facials, waxing etc whereas I am only going to get my hair cut and coloured once a month at the most, although I appreciate it costs more as a single treatment. How can I manage this from the outset? Initially whilst I am quiet I guess something is better than nothing, and as long as I'm not turning clients away? Does anyone have any thoughts?

Second of all, I also do makeup treatments and I'll be advertising to do them at the salon. Obviously this wouldn't be 50/50 as its my makeup, she's told me to let her know what percentage I am happy with. I don't know what to suggest, I will have to put my prices up a little to account for this. Would you say 80/20 or 70/30? I really have no idea!

Thanks for your help!
With regards to staff discount, why not suggest you run with it on a trial basis for a couple of months and then review whether it's working out ok.

I agree that it's sensible for the discounted treatments to be taken during a quiet slot but also require that the stylists actively promote your treatments to their hair clients by talking about them from the perspective of a satisfied customer. win:win
Yeah I think I'll do that [emoji2] Thankyou!

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