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Apr 26, 2003
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hi all...i have been offered a room to rent in a hairdressers...i have to go next week to look at it etc...any tips on what i should be finding out???? i was going to try and go for a % basis to start with until i build up my clientele...??? also i was going to rent thurs fri and sat when salons tend to be busy and stay mobile the rest of the does this sound???? also what deals do u all have???? vicky
I too rent a space in a hair salon.
I pay a flat rate of £20 per day. Just now I only do Sat's as I got a f/time office job & work mobile at nite.
I would advise you to look out for the following;

1/ if you are gonna be actually in the salon - how far away will the hairdressers be? - you done want their hairspray & stuff contaminating all your products! :?
2/ Will you be at a window - NOT a good idea - again think of the impact on your products.
3/ Look at the flooring - is your desk gonna "shudder" every time someone walks past (not good when your trying to create a perfect smile line :D - especially if your in the thru route :rolleyes: )
4/If you're not in the salon (ie have a separate room) think about the ventilation (especially if you use L&P) :ack:
5/Cont from last point - if you're not "out there" how are you gonna promote yourself? :goal:

Hope these little points help

Fi XoX
hi, no i will be no where near the hair products, it is a room upstairs in the salon, there is a window but i wont put my nail station near that...
im going to speak to them about promoting me/advertising etc on wednesday...
they should help coz if i dont get the clients they dont get the money...vicx
Hi ya,
right gave this some thought...............

Are the stairs going up to the room open plan or is there a door way ???
If there is a door way maybe a nice sign would do the trick???

You will have privacy, so pedicures would be great too???
this could work pretty well in your favour as long as you have your leaflets at the Hairdressing reception desk..............
You can also decorate the room as you like, not having to blend in with the salon downstairs.
You will have a retail area ........
God I wished I had a whole room and not just a corner lol

A % is a good way to start, we have that and after nearly 10 years in the city it's remaind that way. We pay 25% of our takings but retail is all ours.
Hope this helps
Love Ruth xxxx
hi ruth...thanks for will have a door as it use to be a beauticians going to see if i can have leaflets and business cards in the salon when i go on wednesday...was also thinking bowt the phone when im not there...if peeps just ring my mobile or what, what when im working there...would they use there phone etc???? gosh there is so much to u still just have a corner????
I think Faye would be great to answer that one, she had to work that one out too,
Love ruth xxx
Hi , as you all may know i have just moved to a new location . I have been there two weeks now and i am having a ball, its much more of a professional environment.
As for phone call appointments , we thought we had it covered , that was until we realised i didnt get a reception on my mobile so everytime my phone was ringing i had to either sit in a very awkward position or get up and leave the shop............ so i had a word with the owner chris and suggested that when i was at home they could reach me on my mobile and when i was at work if i left a voice message with the shop number on it then they could either do my appointments or take there name , number and what service they wished to enquire and or book, and if they had a mobile they could text me and i could do it that way........
They are unable to do my appoinments for me as there is not a full time receptionist there.......... i designed and printed my own appointment books and take it home everynight and if by chance they did ring the shop in the morning then they would take the number and the shop would call me straght away and pass on the number and name.......
Well so far it seems to be running smoothly and i like doing my own appointments as it means there is no chance that a client can be booked in a double space or for a service they didnt want........
If you need anymore help please feel free to e mail me or pm..

take care love faye x
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