Returning/starting after 6 years


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I qualified as a beauty therapist about 8 years ago. I never ended up doing anything I did want start up as self employed but ended up starting a family.

Now I’m a stay at home mum and I been trying to find something to do for ages but having trouble with childcare and husbands work hours.

I have emailed someone about a refresh course and am hoping to become self employed.

What would I need to do to make sure I’m refreshed in what I know? Has much changed in 8 years? is this even possible to do?

I’m happy to refresh then start day courses in other areas. Also what is the law about refresher courses is there a law saying I have to do it? I am definitely going to do refresh course what ever but I’m just wondering if what I want to do is even possible or I have waited to long. I have lots people to practice on.