Richesse yet again, end of tether here!


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Buttercup Honey

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Feb 8, 2011
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Ok so armed with a cut few cuttings of hair from my son base 6. I put on 7.23 dia richesse with 12 vol. It's gone darker!! Sorry I know I'm like a broken record here but at this stage I'm losing faith, confidence, and will to go on. Seriously fed up with loreal. Was so excited about new colours, bought new shade, said goodbye to colour touch and now I'm sorry!
For those of you have not read previous thread, I have to do a client tomorrow, did her colour dia richesse 6.23 and 7.23 with 6 vol last time and few scattered meche prelightened then toned with dia light 7.31. Hilights were nice base colour was very dark. It has to be lighter tomorrow and I'm now stuck and feel like cancelling her rather than do it and not to be right.
God I miss the salon sometimes!!
Rant over and if you still reading, thanks :0)

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