Room 101


So, what would you like to see put into Room 101? 3 choices each.
I'm gonna nominate:
1. Chewing gum, because I hate the noise, the sight, and the smell.

2. Awkward packaging, mainly food packaging designed to snap nails, but I'll include toy packaging too.

3. Garlic. I'm horribly sensitive to it, it's in every bloody ready meal nowadays, and people seem to want to sneak it into everything. Makes me heave.

1. Indicators. Completely useless. No one uses them.
2. Fines/Penaties for using your mobile phone while driving. Another thing drivers completely ignore, much to my anger.
3. Taxis. They never come on time.


Oh I like this - I have too many!

1 - Reality TV Stars - Pointless.
2 - Justin Beiber - He's a rude spoilt little child
3 - Text Speak - "Knw wht I mean? Dno lol" Aggravates me.
I'd also put one direction in there too, and bad grammar. Done


I forgot about txt spk!! Hate that too.


3 choices isn't enough haha, I have far too many. Totally agree with everything thus far, apart from garlic - Yum. Do agree it's in everything though!


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  1. The Kardashians...all of them. They are not human.
  2. Poor cell phone etiquette
  3. Anyone who does not wash their hands after using the restroom! Uh...gross!


Yes, text speak!!
TV Licence! Too many repeats.
Same old out of date magazines in waiting rooms.


Oh magazines is annoying! Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have broken up!? That's so 2011


Yes, text speak!!
TV Licence! Too many repeats.
Same old out of date magazines in waiting rooms.
I read today if you only watch tv via catchup, iplayer, 4 on demand etc you don't need a TV licence, checked the TV licensing agency website and it's true, I may cancel mine as im never home when things are on and always use catchup.


my poor brain cell is going to have to think hard on this one, as im a tollerant person :green:

Spa Therapist

1) Yodel
2) Dangerous drivers
3) Criminals

If I had more choices I would chuck in:
People who make no effort to contain infectious diseases (I'm recovering from norovirus!)
Alcohol & Illegal drugs
David Dickinson
Pat Phelan from Corrie
Other people's children (sorry!)
Dogs, cats and anything that makes me sneeze

Im a very intolerant person haha!


Jeramy Clarkson
Bag pipes


I need to add spiders to mine too. *shudders*


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1. Tom cruise

2. Ignorant idiots who either cut you off in their cars or would burst by you going through a door.

3. Bluebottles


Drunks. Vile people who lose control and can't just have a sociable evening

Cyclists who won't move over and cause me to travel to work at bike speed in my car

Pushy sales people. I know if I want something, you don't need to convince me


1. Aggressive drivers who go up my arse when I am cycling and frighten me. It makes me weave and become unsafe. I have been practically knocked off into the verge on more than one occasion, despite my lights and hi vis they seem not to see me, either that or not know the law that you must treat a bike like a small car, they are not obliged to let you pass. :)

2. Smelly people. There is no bloody need!

3. Dog muck. I have taken to carrying nappy sacks on my school run and picking it up as it is easier then getting to school and the kids having it on their shoes. I am the mad dog crap lady.

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Kim kardashian. Seriously can we get over her please! Useless waste of skin

People who have no manners, it doesnt cost a thing

Slang words like init and yolo. Grow up and speak properly

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1) Bad manners (particularly when you let another driver in and they don't thank you)

2) clicky, bitchy school mums (grow up)!

3) People who judge a book by it's cover, so to speak!

I could go on........

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Mulled wine - who drinks hot wine with fruit floating in it? Bitter.
Goldfish - pointless creature. Has less memory than the bowl it's in!!
Didgeridoo - a wooden tuneless length of hollow wood. Pointless!

I would like to put Hopi Ear candles in as well but mulled wine just pips it to the post!
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