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Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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could someone e-mail me the new rrp prices for the creative products eg solar oil ect. Recieved my cost price update but no rrp update.

Many thanks.
There was a thread not so long ago & Mrs Geek gave the rrp for the different sizes...

Actually, I started the thread called 'Mmmmm' (I was referring to the smell of it!) Try doing a search for it x

Yes thanks i got those prices earlier for the solar oil but i want to know Polish, solar butter and mani, speed spray, solar silk, scentsations ect ect!!
I already searched before i posted and i carnt find a mention of them.
Soooooooooo if anybody knows and would be so kind.......
just trying to do my new profit sheets so need them........

ta very muchly!!
Do you have a DesignerNails prce list?? I think it is the middle pages that have all the RRPs for each product.

Th new price list is due out in a week or 2 and they will be listed in that too.
hola gigi

yep i have the old price list i recieved the update but not the new rrp update. Just need rrp for the above do you know it?? Pretty please???
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