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Mar 22, 2007
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Columbus, Ohio USA
Arrrg, I know I've only been working at my job for a little under 2 months, but I am getting so frustrated with my work! A manicure is only supposed to take me 45 minutes and consists of - file/shape, soak, push cuticle, curette, nip cuticle, buff, massage, acetone, scrubfresh, polish. I get so nervous doing manicures that I end up taking an hour. Time is money, and I am trying to speed up! Here are things that seem to slow me down.. filing oval shaped nails, cuticle work drives me crazy, and then polishing.. I love doing this I swear lol, but I am striving for perfection being in a dayspa setting, and customers don't leave room for mistakes. I feel like if their cuticles don't look perfect, i suck. :mad:
and oooh french polish.. I know this has been mentioned before, but how do you all do it? We use Essie blanc and Mademoiselle. I feel like my smile lines always look crooked. Do you follow the clients natural free edge line, or do you "create" a new one? I know this is a billion and a half questions.
Any help that you have/ advice, please share I need all the help I can get! :irked::irked:
Don't be disheartened! If you do a search on this site there are loads of tips on french polishing, in fact there is help regarding EVERYTHING!!!!

I personally think that with a french polish your products are so important. Cheap products don't suffice when performing the perfect polish.

Also, the tip that using a gel brush to 'sweep' your smile line is invaluable. Do a search and all will be revealed:lol: xx
consists of - file/shape, soak, push cuticle, curette, nip cuticle, do you mean the loose cuticle from the nail bed that is still attached near the eponychium?
buff, massage, acetone, if you're using scrubfresh why use acetone?
scrubfresh, polish.
most of your steps are standard, but there are a few steps there that if you don't need to do them, skip them. Do you use a cuticle remover?
Whoops, when I say acetone, I mean polish remover (the non-acetone kind) I know, it still contains acetone, but these are not products that I have chosen, nor is the procedure. I work at a large dayspa/salon, and this is what they have chosen. I do use a cuticle remover, but it is Blue Cross, which is a liquid and I don't like it. I prefer something more substantial like CND's version. When pushing back the cuticle, a lot of my clients have excess cuticle on their nail plate, but then they also want the eponychium trimmed down too. I try to explain to them that the reason why it keeps getting hard and callus like is because THEY keep having someone trim it off for them! But I have to do as they ask.. so I have to trim this area down, which in turn gives the eponychium a fray look. I don't know if that even makes sense, but needless to say, the finished look of the manicure is not what I'd like it to be. And it takes me the whole hour..:confused:
Well you seem to already know what would solve your problem, but are unable or not allowed to take these measures. Couldn't you explain to your employer about why you shouldn't be cutting the eponychium with nippers. After all if the best way to solve the overgrown cuticle problem is with a product, surely your boss will appreciate the retail sale opportunity here?

The other step I would miss out is soaking the nails, this can also have an adverse effect on your polish...have a read over this thread it has a lot of info re this...
Here are my procedures that take no longer than 30 mins.

1. Apply Cuticle Remover and leave it to do its job
2. File Nails mirroring the eponychium to achieve the best finish
3. Remove Cuticle from the nail plate
4. Wipe off Cuticle Remover with damp lint free pad (forget the soak)
5. Gently Buff the nails
6. Massage
7. Dehydrate the nail plate
8. Polish (base coat, colour and top coat)
9. Spritz with Solar Speed Spray

I know you have procedures in your spa but it is down to you to build up a good rapport with your client and educate them about the care of their nails during the service so that they can maintain the look inbetween visiting you......The above procedure will speed up your timing, still giving you fantastic results, so, by leaving the cuticle remover on whilst you file the nails will allow the remover to do its job instead of you battling with it, forget the soaking.....if you are soaking the nails then they are swelling up with water, when the water content evaporates from the nail the nail reverts back to its original shape which will make the polish chip off. Forget cutting away at the eponychium, the eponychium is living tissue that folds back on itself and protects the matrix from foreign bodies, you are a Nail Technician not a You can retail AHA Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil for them to use at home which will keep the eponychium and nails in the way that nature intended and making it easier for you on their next appointment. HTHS.
Thank you all for the help! I am going to talk with my manager a bit, but until then tweak my procedure so that I am not including nipping the eponychium. Lol you are right, I'm not a surgeon, and I certainly am not getting paid enough to even begin to feel like one!! :lol:

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