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Sep 10, 2003
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Can someone tell me how I can make up this fantastic Ruby slipper everyone has been raving about. Seen some pics and it looks great!.

Also as I am mobile can I cahrge more for the more funky powders.

if you type ruby slipper in the search section you will get all the info you need also i think there is a step by step in either scratch mag or nails this month so take a look there hope this helps
Hiya - yes its on pg 40 of Nails magazine. BTW Scratch has an article with sparkly tips in it so its worth a read as well! :D

I have just did a search on the Ruby Slipper but did not come up with anything to help me know how to mix these together.

Also In my creative catalogue I only can find the mosaiac powders not the metro also no glitter!!!.

Like I said before I have just purchased the Twilight powder and I think it is lovely but would love to mix my own and experiment - help!!!
Sorry to be a pain

I also only get the professional nail magazine and not the ones you mentioned how do I go about getting these???

hi all

I have mixed up the ruby red slipper if you look on my website you will see a picture of it

now the mix i use is not the mix that is in the nail mag that just didn't come up the right colour for me i mix 5 scoops red mosaic 1 scoop black mosaic and 1 and a half red glitter
the scoop i use is the one that comes with the metro powders

have fun all and enjoy them i do :D :D
I'm glad you all liked the step by step for the ruby Red Slipper.

I was in the office the day they shot the step by step and Samuel (the Geek) just handed me the brush and said, "You do it"!!

So I did it .. first time I had ever used the Metro powders and we did it in one take. There was only one nail to do as I think Samuel or Diane Plummer had already done the others and they had been rebalanced several times. I thought the finished photo was a lovely shot as well, and it was Danni (Samantha's assistant) who composed the hands ... very pretty!!

Just a little insider info for ya ... I always love to hear these stories.
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