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Apr 14, 2003
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hi geek can you remind me what mag was it you did the how to in? thanks
The step by step for the ruby Red Slipper is in Nails Magazine (UK) on page 40.

I was in the office the day they shot the step by step and Samuel (the Geek) just handed me the brush and said, "You do it, Gigi"!!

So I did it .. first time I had ever used the Metro powders and we did it in one take!ª! :D
There was only one nail to do as I think Samuel or Diane Plummer had already done the others and they had been rebalanced several times. I thought the finished photo was a lovely shot as well, and it was Danni (Samantha's assistant) who composed the hands ... very pretty!!

Just a little insider info for ya ... I always love to hear these stories.
thanks gigi ;) i have been searching through all my mags obviously wasn't looking well enough! :oops: great nails!! well bloody fantastic if im honest :D !! :D
Geeg if you don't mind, for those of us across the pond and who don't have the opportunity to read the mag :( , could you describe exactly what you did? I have heard of "Ruby Slippers" only within the past couple of weeks and it's been described only as a nail polish. What you are talking about is an L&P application so I'd love to know more!

Sawasdee ka

If you look search in nail art there are some ruby slippers and there is pic of one set that ruth make 1 st time .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Thanks Mui, I found the post with Ruth's pic - very pretty! I feel silly now, because I have been wearing some version of this for the past month myself :rolleyes: I used red and green EZFlow Boogie Nights glitter (L&P) and alternated them on each fingertip.

Oh well, good to see I didn't miss the boat entirely...

Sawsadee ka

The ruby slipper is a very beautifull nail i will try and make maybe in 3 months more .

No body in Thailand can make this nail and very good if i can make some thing no body can do and good for me and my salon .

And when they start copy maybe i have already some thing new ;) .

Happy new year

Kop khun ka mui ka
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